40 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/12/19

  1. I live in Wales and I’m pretty sure it rains at least 150 days per year! And I much rather the rain than snow because, at least with rain, you can continue to go about your daily life! In the snow we seem to come to a halt and can’t seem to do anything! xx

  2. The only thing I enjoy about snow is the blissful quite when it snows at night. So, if I were ina situation where I must choose, and the option to not choose was not an option. I would pick rain. I love rain.

      1. As it has been snowing hard all day, I question my thought process, but i really like the snow a lot. I just do not like driving in it too much. But after it has stopped, everything looks so beautiful and pristine.

  3. I haven’t experienced snow so far so I would choose snow, just to have a feel of it. It is true that my opinion might change. Living in a desert, rain is welcome 150 days too.

      1. I’m looking out my window now and so far no Snow just rain. At least today is Sunday and tomorrow is a Holiday so I don’t have to go out except to my neighborhood Bodega.

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