Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/13/19


Let me ask you a question…

How far are you willing to go to show someone you care?

28 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/13/19

  1. This question is so interesting. My answer is that it depends on the situation. If it were a medical situation and I could give blood or bone marrow or something like that I would absolutely do it. If someone needs a shoulder and an ear, I will do it. In a relationship situation though, that is where I set my boundaries. I will not align myself with some low energy, needy, passive/aggressive person that makes me feel like I have to prove I care. Forget it, that’s not happening. I’m not lowering my vibe to make anyone feel better.

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  2. I have, on occasion, gone well beyond good sense. I suppose it depend on how much I feel I need them to know, or how much I think they need to know (there is a difference between those). And then, there is the condition known as “madly in love” where good sense goes right out the window.

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    • I agree. I am curious when people say “I’ll do anything” as to what they really mean. Life will teach you their are people in the world that you must set those boundaries.

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