30 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/17/19

  1. I think I am. Here are my reasons :
    1. I follow traffic rules to the best of my ability.
    2. I am generally courteous to other drivers.
    3. I use signals to change tracks.
    4. I have never shown road rage ( so far) or tail gated any other driver.
    Most importantly, i have had only one accident so far, when a truck hit me from the back.

    Others may not think I am such a good driver because :
    1. I follow the speed limit and despite their honking or use headlights on me, I do not speed up and often do not give way to those who want to over take me, should I need to remain on that track to turn left.


    1. This seems fair. I mostly get aggravated with drivers who drive slowly in the passing lane. Many people don’t realize the left lane on the interstate is designed exclusively for passing and drivers are expected to remain in the right lane. It drives me bongers.

  2. Before the past 6 weeks, I’d say yes. But, in that time, I hit a deer and then a couple weeks later backed my wife’s van into my truck. Maybe I suck at it as much as everyone else seems to. 😏

  3. I think I’m ok. I’ve had my share of accidents and can get distracted by my children more than I’d like to admit. I do obey traffic laws, drive without using my phone and in general am very aware of my surroundings while driving.

    1. I don’t know if I’m a good driver. If crashes are the standard then I am as I have not crashed a car in 30 years (knock on wood). I do get impatient though.

  4. Yes. When I was able to drive I made it a point to obey all traffic laws. Including buckling up my Seat belt. Shortly after my stroke November 2008 which affected my eyesight I stopped driving. I’m not trying to be the female version of Mr. Magoo!

      1. Sometimes especially when I want to see my brother Stephen who has Autism. There are no buses or subways where he lives. So for the last eleven years the staff at his Group home bring him to me and pick him up. Other than that my answer is No. New York City traffic is horrendous.

      2. Yes. I remember those days well. However since I had to stop driving I tend to do more walking which is healthier than getting behind the wheel. Also I enjoy taking photographs and you find many more hidden treasures on foot.

  5. I am conscientious. A good driver drives both defensively and knows the rules of driving. While I know what my rights are on the road, I also don’t engage with idiot drivers for control. My goal is arriving from point A to B without anyone getting hurt.

      1. I didn’t realise how vocal I was, till one day I had my son in the back seat, he was about 2 and we got to a roundabout and suddenly in the backseat all I could hear was using your signals for christ sake, that is when I also realised I didn’t know I was swearing out loud as well. Had to change that pretty quickly

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