33 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/21/19

      1. Haha…I am hesitant to give away the key to my psyche.
        OK, here’s one. Do you remember those old B&W cartoons from the 40’s & 50’s? I had an entire animated dream one night like that… Mickie mouse and jumping steam engine included.

    1. Those types of dreams don’t happen to me that often but when they do I wake in the night feeling confused about reality.

  1. Oh my…. How much time do you have?? If there was an Olympic competition for weird dreams, I would probably represent Canada proudly…

    Just an example; I once dreamt I was in a grocery store, and a cat was threatening to make kung fu moves in my face if I didn’t give it peanut butter…. Try analyzing that! LOL

      1. I don’t think we should even investigate what my subcouncious was trying to tell me 😛 I sometimes wish my head would take a break at night…. Last week, I came across a co-worker I rarely talk to and don’t know that well, and I started to ask him how his ski weekend with the kids had been. He looked confused, and told me that he hated skiing, and that his youngest boy was now 22, and could afford to go ski by himself if he wanted to…. I realized it was a conversation I had in a dream. And some of my dreams are awefully life-like. I had not been that embarassed in quite a while….

        Dang brain!

  2. I think it was when I was five year old and coming out of anesthesia (ether, in those far gone days) after my Tonsillectomy. It felt hugely important, and I wanted to remember it, but couldn’t recall any of the details. They lied about the ice cream, or, I didn’t want to swallow anything. I’m not sure which.

    The question reminded me of a song.

      1. I don’t think so. I think though that dreams are a manifestation of what we have been thinking about on a subconscious level, even perhaps without our knowledge. What do you think ?

      2. I’m not sure. I lean toward your opinion. I don’t think they mean much except to purge our minds.

  3. I have a wordy head, dreaming up a new story a poem or tale; while I sleep. Having walked many a night I have stories that are reality. I once found myself wet, shivering on the sofa; the French Windows wide, rain driving in to the deck. A surreal tune was sounding from the drumming on the panes.

      1. That seems like it could be really dangerous. Is there any type of therapy that can help with that?

  4. I saw my father lying dead on the floor of my bedroom. He was wearing his business suit. I was 16. A month later he was dead at his office. I can still see that dreams image clearly.

      1. It was. When his death followed after the dream it was really disturbing. I think I knew subconsciously that something was wrong m in his life. He was in a mess and took his own life. Sad story

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