54 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/23/19

  1. That’s tough! I think fridge or stove so I could help feed my family but then I would miss them so and want to be closer to them so maybe a blanket to keep them warm at night?

  2. Nonhuman? – I would be a dog. Dogs are awesome and everybody wants to snuggle with them.
    Object? – Family heirloom silver. People appreciate it, keep it, take care of it and it’s always invited for the special occasions!

    1. Absolute solid choices. I never would have thought of silver but you are right on all points. People do take care of family silver sets.

  3. To me the word object disqualifies anything living like plants or animals, so I couldn’t choose a tree or an eagle. In that train of thought I would be a crystal because it would allow me to help people heal and grow.

  4. I’ll assume that as a non-living object I would not be conscious, simply exist as that thing. That is rather unattractive, but oh well. So, what would it be? How about a star? People (and presumably, other sentient beings, like to look at them and are curious about them, and make up stories about them.

    Of course, several Sci-Fi writers have included conscious stars as characters in stories, so maybe …

    1. I like the idea of being in the sky and people making wishes to you. Also, stars represent the greatness of the universe.

    1. I like that everyone has picked something specifically to help others. “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.”

      1. I have found that barn cats are often left to fend for themselves and the way places, like the tack room are closed at night they are out in the cold
        But if someone at the barn loves cats the they can have a good life.

  5. I would want to be an angel. First, I’d be able to see God. That would be amazing. Second, I would be able to explore the entire universe. Third, I’d be able to help people in need without worrying about interference from other humans. Lastly, I’d have an opportunity to build up faith in God and comfort those going through tragedy. Also, I’d be able to fly.

      1. All of the heavenly realm, the billions of galaxies, planets and stars. In seems endless and such a great unknown to us. The beauty of Jehovah God’s creations has always fascinated me.

      2. Honestly, I’m not sure. I think that’s something God will reveal to us when we’re ready. We have to address the mess here on earth first before we explore other species.

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