37 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/25/19

  1. Uh… Thanks for asking me, I just had 3 days off, which I mainly spent shoveling snow, cooking and doing long due house chores 😉 But for most people, isn’t the weekend ahead of you still? 😛

      1. Mouahahahahahaha I am so off myself that you had me doubting myself for a second there. I was staring at your post, thinking ”did I just wish my co-workers a good weekend and we are Monday??” LOOOOOOOL

  2. It was pretty good. I got a good workout by starting to fix a mud patch in my parking area. That involved “shovels and rakes and implements of destruction” and some hundreds of pounds of rocks. It had to be done during the brief couple of days the area wasn’t frozen. Now, It is frozen again.

      1. The job isn’t finished, but now the ground is hard frozen with no real thaw expected for two or more weeks. And, I woun’t really need to know what more it needs until there’s a hard rain and I can see where the puddles are now. Oh, the joys of home ownership.

  3. Great! I’m enjoying my part time job at the Brooklyn Public Library. I started on January 7th. I’m a Literacy Resource Specialist. Meaning I do Research and Community Outreach for the Adult Learning Centers.

    The only bad thing is that I’ve been fighting a cold since January 6th.

    However I focus on being a good Community Liaison.

  4. I had good week . Started at the Concordia Choir on Tuesday. Blood Tests on Wednesday-ongoing monitoring. Thursday I had my first appointment with a Dietician, came away feeeling it was beneficial and will return in two weeks. Friday I had a visit from my son, daughter-in-law and 4 yr old grandson – they had just returned after having a self-drive holiday in the South island of New Zealand. It was good to see all the great photos of my birth place and hear interesting stories. I recieved a souvenir teatowel and tote bag. I feel truly blessed 🙂

  5. Excellent! really excellent. I am not in the freezing cold at home, weather here in FL has been very nice, my horse has been a Prince and worked so hard. Life is good and I am very grateful for it.

    1. I’m doing well and had a long week. I was in Florida at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show so I did a lot of walking over 3 days (about 20 miles). I am a worn out puppy.

  6. I am all caught up, which makes me happy. Washing machine has broken which has made me sad, The UK benefit system is mucking me about which makes me angry. I get to argue with the UK benefit system, which makes me happy, My son has a really bad cold, so has had 2 days off, which is bad, I got to spend 2 days with my son, which makes me happy.

    Yeah I am not sure either

      1. I can always find a silver lining in the minor things, I think that is what a lot of people miss out on. A lot of the stuff we go through on a day to day basis are minor, we will come back from them, but sometimes its not clear when you are in that bubble

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