This Is Why I Stopped Eating Meat

This Is Why I Stopped Eating Meat


This Is Why I Stopped Eating Meat

When meat-eaters read this title I suspect they immediately roll their eyes and presume a Vegan or vegetarian, leftist, tree hugger is at it again.  But I don’t see myself as any of those things.  I see myself as a middle-ground thinker who finally came to a realization.

When I began scrutinizing my eating a few years ago I had the thought to eliminate animal protein from my diet, but I didn’t know how to do so.  I continued to eat meat for a couple of years, but the entire time I had the idea of quitting locked in the back of my mind.  I came to the conclusion that animals have souls or spirits however you want to view it.  And if I were going to be truthful I didn’t feel it right to slaughter these animals as a product, which is how they are treated by the companies who are killing them.  My thought was that if I were going to eat an animal then I owed it to them to kill them myself.

Many self-sustainers kill their own meat and hold the same opinion.  I believe any person who consumes meat should be required to go to the slaughter house and watch the process.  They should be required to partake in each aspect versus just going to the store and picking up a package of ground beef.  You should have to watch the hog standing in the pin trembling with fear as its time draws to a close.

In my heart I just can’t participate in how these animals are treated and I don’t think it is responsible to allow myself to continue with such a casual attitude.

I look into the eyes of our little dog Bentley and I know he has a soul.  He displays an entire array of emotions from happiness to sadness, he feels pain and excitement.  But most notably he shows a level of love that permeates my soul and he has a personality that is like no one else I’ve met.  He has a right to live just as much as I have a right to live.  And then I think there are some societies that would eat him and this thought is beyond my comprehension.  From that realization I simply extended it to my experiences looking into the eyes of other animals and seeing them display many of the same characteristics along with demonstrating their own individual personality.  The individual personality factor drove me to the conclusion that if I were going to eat meat then I owed it to these animals to take their life myself.  And if I were not willing to do so then I would not eat them.

I will admit that it bothers me when I see all of the meat at the grocery store.  Not because I think it is wrong to eat animals, but that it is irresponsible for humans to eat animals that they are not willing to kill for themselves.  I think the Native Americans had it right when they practiced thanking the animal for their sacrifice and showing some respect to the land and the animals.

In the end treating animals like a product is morally and ethically wrong.  And in my mind there is no way around this moral dilemma.  I either kill the animal myself or I don’t eat meat.



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  1. Thank you for the post. I went vegetarian many years ago and never looked back. Today I’m more or less vegan and really like the diet. I’m grateful today we have a lot more vegan choices than we did years ago.

  2. Although I eat meat presently, this same thought also push me many times. Your explanation ha a very strong and real point. I think I will me more to think our of my present comfort zone.

  3. Danny, i get what you are saying that u r not a tree hugger or whatever meat eaters discriminate vegetarians or vegans (calling name isjust shameful) … and I also know that not all animal kingdom is vegetarian. There is no debate on animals have souls or not but thinking that trees and plants and shrubs dont have and its okay to eat them for thise reasons naive.
    I hate when people go fishing dor fun and not to eat them
    I hate when people do hunting for sports
    I hate that horse racing or dog racing or horse and sled riding is still used in this day and age for fun
    I hate that we still have zoos for amusement parks
    I hate pets on a leash or birds in a cage

    But its a blessing to have meat and vegetables and grains as blessings.

    1. Sel, it is a blessing. You bring up a great point about zoos. Those animals are brought from the wild and made captive to live in a small place when they should roam free.

      1. Good morning Danny i believe all my points are great… and yours as well. The thing is i cant see myself to be utilized as killed for fun, be used as a pet, or caged for others entertainment or have a hook stick to pallette anf then released. Or be on a leash for others mental state. Or be a vehicle for others to travel a distance or be at mercy of a so called superior life form who suddenly made itnokay that i dont have a soul because i am a lower class living being animal or a plant and its okay to eat me for those reasons. NO OFFENSE as i know iam very out spoken here… just u give a great platform and i believe ecosystem is simple tonsruvive me must Eat what we must eat… reason or not, justification or not… repsect and give thanks to nature that we are doing it because we need it and one day we will be food for trees… lol even trees arent vegetarians come think of it 💜🧡💛💚💙💗 have n awesome weekend

  4. I agree with this as far as the way animals are raised in this country. Since factory farming is so prevalent and animals are killed far more than we need,it way too wasteful. It’s harmful to the environment and cruel to the animals. I agree with eating meat but only if it’s treated in a conscious manner which isn’t the way its raised here in the US, unless it’s truly free range. If you’ve given the animal a good life to maturity then I don’t have an issue with you killing it. It’s the factory farming and overconsumption that I have a problem with. People no longer realize that it’s an animal, and have no connection to where their food come from and how difficult it is to raise it. There’s been a wave of city dwellers raising their own chickens just for that reason, they don’t trust factory farming, the cruelty to animals, and knowing the quality of their food.

    1. Also I have no issue with vegan and vegetarianism. I love finding new ways to enjoy vegetables that I had overlooked before because I was focused on the meat part of my meal.

  5. I have the same thoughts as you have. I don’t eat much meat, but I still eat meat. Every time I do eat meat I think of why I do it. I don’t think it taste as good as vegetables so I should actually quit eat meat. You made me think even more on this subject. Thanks!

      1. I think you did the right thing. I think I will get there one day too. I eat meat about once a week, so I wouldn’t miss that day I think. So nothing is stopping me really from stop eating meat entirely. Thanks for bringing the subject up 🙂

  6. Danny this is a marvelous post. I thank you for expressing your reasons for vegetarianism so clearly and compassionately. Interestingly enough another friend of mine diagnosed with MS about 4 years ago made the same decision about meat and is seems to have suited her well. Animals do have souls and our treatment of them in terms of how they are slaughtered is deplorable. I salute you for taking this stand and posting about it. It is a point of view I have only recently come to myself and I am now close to 100% vegan. ( I still eat free range eggs)

  7. I loved reading your post. I cannot say i agree 100% with your view point but i do respect it. I eat vegetarian diet but I am not against people eating meat based food. I am against how those animals are grown or kept; how they are mercilessly treated and are transported. I do not like it when people eat for fun and waste food.

  8. Good for you! I absolutely agree. Aside from the fact that the human body is not designed to process the large amount of animal flesh most people consume. Those that choose to eat it should be aware of the horrenous treatment animals go through on factory farms. They should have to see how they are treated. Its about $$$ not the ethical treatment of animals. Do the research; go to YouTube and watch some videos.

  9. Personally I am a carnivore and hunter. I do believe though as you do, that animals have souls. But like most other predators/carnivores that does not prevent me from doing my nature. I do have great respect and thanks for everything I kill

      1. And to kick it off …. I am animal rescuer. I Have raised and released squirrels, fox squirrels, raccoons, a screech owl (Who still brings his 3rd Gen. young ones here to imprint them) flying squirrels (cutest thing on God’s earth) various birds and a Possum we had for 5 years.. Regards and have a happy Monday

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