39 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/27/19

  1. Three days coming back from Canaries in ‘77’ Los Palmos to Barcelona, in February, third class on a car ferry, it felt like 3 years, the only warm place was in the shower as you weren’t allowed inside the ship as third class 😂😂

  2. I was 10 (1955) on a trip to Florida with my parents to visit Mom’s Aunt in Tampa over Christmas break. We also went by way of New Orleans. One of the things we did in Florida was an excursion on what was called a Party Boat, a fair sized boat that went out and stopped or slowed way down, and the passengers could fish of the sides. I think you could even rent poles and such. It took several hours. We didn’t catch anything.

      1. We took lessons when we were young and then one day we just went down to the harbor and bought the first Catalina we saw. We had to take a class from the Coast Guard and were able to check in with them at each stop. But yeah, we are totally brave, except for cats. Then it’s all sisters for themselves!

      1. It’s awesome! Tight quarters, of course, but there’s nothing better than being on the water. Sleep like a baby with the sound of water lapping at the hull and the gentle swaying with the tides. 😃👍🏻

      1. Yes river cruises on smaller boats. I also did the Yangtze many years ago in before they put the dam in. That was on a Chinese commercial ship not a cruise.

  3. We booked ourselves into a cabin and the car into the car/truck deck on an overnight trip with ‘The Spirit of Tasmania’ from Melbourne, Victoria to Devonport, Tasmania before our 10 road trip a few years ago. The boat took 11 hours to get there and about 10 on the return trip because it was a much calmer sea.

  4. The longest boat trip I’ve taken is the ferry across lake Michigan. It doesn’t really cut any time off the journey; it’s still a 10+ hour trip to where we go in Northern Michigan, but it’s five hours you are on your way and not behind the wheel.

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