42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/28/19

      1. Like a rented mule. That was rough. 3 days of it, and I hope it stays away permanently. We’re going from -17 on Wednesday to 60 on Sunday. Mother Nature is going crazy. 😃

      2. If I lived somewhere that the temps even thought about dipping to minus anything, I’m moving immediately. lol

  1. I think it’s been a success for me, my meds are starting to work and I’m thinking about returning to work after 6 months off. I’ve started and maintained my blog which is making me super proud and I’m starting to feel like myself again! Xx

  2. I feel that it wasn’t a success as my father’s condition between the strokes and the dementia just keeps getting worse. He has to adjust living in conditions I wouldn’t be happy with and I know he isn’t happy in a long term care facility or nursing home, but there is no other choice.

      1. I watched the same thing happen to my grandma. She went from tilling her own garden at 75 years of age to a shell of herself due to strokes.

      2. My dad is about to turn 87. He was still driving and taking care of himself and his house when the big stroke hit. Rapidly followed by the dementia. He swears he lives in a facility full of aliens. 🙂

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