Embrace your magic…

Ramblings of a wallflower

From the glorious days of our childhood, we are taught to fit in to a frame that is considered the norm by everyone. “Be more like that girl/boy in your class” , “Why aren’t you more like your sister/brother?” , “Take up this subject because everyone is doing that these days”. These are but a few comments I, and you for sure have heard, growing up. Ever since we are considered old enough to choose our paths, the artists, writers, and the musicians are taught to go easy on their “hobbies”, and the queer, peculiar and the whimsical are forced to be “normal” just so they can more like everyone else.

Well, I’m here to tell you to be less like everyone else. Be the least like everyone else. Listen to the depths of your heart and embrace your true self. World has enough normal people who haven’t done the…

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