Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/30/19


Let me ask you a question…

Do you buy things online or in a retail store?  Or both?

42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/30/19

  1. Both. I resisted the lure of Amazon for a long time, but sometimes it is the only place I can find something, especially in this rural area. I also have a couple of specialty on-line suppliers, particularly for computers and computer parts.

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      • Yes. I’ve been building them (except for laptops) since the late 90s. It has gotten easier over the years with smaller form factor and more integrated, ‘everything built into the motherboard” embedded systems, and fewer complications with various components driver support for different operating systems (I use Linux for most things.).

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  2. If I CAN buy it online, I DO. Even groceries. I looove me some Instacart. Now, I do fancy a browse through honest-to-goodness used bookstores on occasion because that’s an enticing fragrance you cannot find anywhere else in the world except some really old libraries — who unfortunately tend to smell like flowers and “springtime” sprays more often than not these days.

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  3. For clothes, groceries, other necessities, I buy in retail stores. I don’t trust the quality of products unless I have seen it or touch it myself first. BUT, if a book was not available in any book stores then I would be forced to order online.

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    • I like going to the book store a lot. I don’t buy clothes online, but I will buy other things online that I don’t need to try on.


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