Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/5/19


Let me ask you a question…

If someone is passionate about their career, can work-life balance be achieved?  If you believe so, how do you think it could be accomplished?

20 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/5/19

  1. Sure. Being passionate about one thing doesn’t mean one can’t be passionate about other things as well. I love my job and truly care about my patients, but I love my family, love my friends, love to whitewater, love to take photographs, love to fish, etc. If ones work is so important that that’s all they think about, it’s beyond a passion and verging on work-a-holic.

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  2. Aha, sometimes passion within a career is confused with fear of failure, greed (the ‘City’ 😂) and recognition.’ But if it is just passion for the job then surely LWB can only be achieved through self discipline? You love it so much you don’t want to do anything else, so you need to force, breaks, family time etc. But then who am I to say what LWB is? I have a colleague who will sometimes be on his iPad in the middle of the night looking at teaching techniques, Carpentry stuff. His wife once asked him why he couldn’t watch porn like normal husbands 😂

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  3. I was passionate about work. Now I am passionate about my riding, training and competition. But now my children are grown adults and leading independent lives so the time constraints are much less. It is a juggling act. But I do believe that family comes first. At the end of our journey family will be with us and the office or the job or the career will have evaporated into the mists of time.


  4. I think that if someone is passionate about their work/career that they can balance it with their life outside of it. If you think about it, when someone hates their job they dread going to work but do so because they need the money but sometimes and with some people, they find excuses or ways of getting out of work. What does that have to do with balancing work and life? It has to do with the fact that there is no balance because they lack passion and because of that it can sometimes transfer to their personal life. My main point to this is that there can’t be any balance if there is no passion, no love for both work and life outside of work.
    How does one accomplish this? Strength, self-discipline, passion, determination, support, and the list could go on. I am not saying that it is easy as I am not an expert, but I am trying little by little to balance writing which is not technically my career yet and life.


  5. I think life is a constant struggle of chasing your career vs enjoying life. Yes work can be a passion but there are still sacrifices with family.

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