19 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/6/19

  1. My time is mostly alone, which makes the time with friends more special. Family, except for occasional long phone calls with my step-son, are not in the picture, being either deceased or, in the case of my cousins, far scattered and of little common interests.

  2. It depends on what I need at the moment. I can recharge around people who don’t expect me to entertain them, which can be family. But usually I will choose to be alone because I don’t mind as much when I get on my own nerves and I’m pretty quiet.

  3. Usually alone, I have plenty to keep me happy, contented and occupied. I do enjoy family time, unfortunatley they live 4 hours away from me. I do meet up with a friend for lunch and chat about 6 weeks and that time is so cool. Yesterday I had lunch and chitchat with 5 nurses that I used to work with, that was ok but to be honest I was glad to get back home.

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