28 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/7/19

    1. I feel the same. Flower shops jack up their prices by double and I have to by it because the wife is conditioned to it.

  1. 🦋 Spoils the excitement of the ‘any’ day surprises. 🙂

    Ah…I have a romantic husband who doesnt need a Valentine’s Day to tell or show that he loves and appreciate me. 🙂

    Even in the finacially difficult times of our 38 years of marriage, he would bring home a single flower if that’s all he could afford that week/month. Sometimes just a short note on the pillow when I wake hours after he’s had to leave early for work or catch a plane.

    And, when we disagree on anything, sure heated discussions can occur, but we never ever finish the day angry with each other. A smile and a hug is one thing we never disagree on.

  2. A lot like don’t care…yeah cause I don’t have a boyfriend or husband or a partner…if I take it’s real meaning….but okay I mean I don’t hate it…it’s just I have no reasons to get involved

  3. Valentine’s Day- as a Christian celebration- maybe. As s day to celebrate love, if that is the only day one celebrates love, that is not good. If everyday is a Valentine’s day in terms of celebrating it, I agree with the concept. I think there is a confusion between two things here- the Christian celebration of a Saint and the day of love. I am not sure how the two merged together.

      1. Most of Christian tradition that exists today is a combination of early Roman Hellenism combined with the early Judaism from the 1st-3rd centuries AD.

  4. In the days when I was interested in being courted or being googly eyed it was more significant. My hubby and I do so much for each other on ordinary days it seems pointless to feed the giant commercial monster just to show the world what we already do for one another regularly.

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