34 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/19/19

      1. It certainly does. It is important to wear shoes that are easy-off-easy on. I remember being in line at Atlanta the last time I flew (2003) and seeing a young woman wearing almost knee high boots that laced up all that way. Of course, there was no place she could sit to get them off and back on again. I thought about how style can override good sense.

  1. No! I have flown in small 2 seater planes that have flown above the tree-tops, 4 seater airplanes, 6 seater airplanes, 8 seater airplanes and many small panes in remoe areas of the Alaskan wilerness. Also, have flown in smal commercial planes in different weather conditions. I have flown in commercial jets during turbulence when the plane flew on its side and up and down. I have felt safe due to God’s peace and his presence. Have flown internationally to about 30 countries, over the North Pole to Europe, many oceans and places. Flying gets one to their destination much quicker than walking, deiving or going by ship.

      1. Small planes help you get from point A to point B, when there are no other way. I look at them like a car. In Alaska, we have very few roads and small planes are a necessity.

  2. Not in an aeroplane, but I don’t really fancy helicopters, especially the little poky one’s with the big glass bubble at the front, there’s a lot of things I like in life, but not necessarily rammed into my face 😜

      1. Well my experience does not go quite that far back but when I was 4 we flew to England. They served dinner from a trolley that rolled down the aisle. It was a roast of beef that they sliced up. They had beds above the seats like they do on trains and Heathrow airport was just a series of quonset huts!

      1. Yes! There’s a Hawaiian bird called the IWA. Pronounced eva. It is referred to as the storm bird. This bird is so resilient. I blogged about it and also got a small tattoo of the bird. If I could be a bird it would be the Iwa.

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