Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/25/19


Let me ask you a question…

Of all the events from your childhood what is the one event you would like to relive?

20 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/25/19

  1. My dad and step-mom took my cousin and I on a trip where we drove from Jekyll Island, GA to Pensacola, FL. Doesn’t sound great, right? Just another drive. However, this trip followed the entire coastline of Florida, from the Georgia line to Miami to Key West, back up through the Everglades and all the way up the gulf coast to Pensacola. We stopped at nearly every island and beach town, taking about 3 weeks to cover it all. It was fantastic. We stay in cottages, we’d camp, we’d fish, we’d surf. And, even better, Florida was still “old Florida” in those days, before developers took it over.

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  2. my trip to the World’s Fair, NYC, NY in 1960 something……I went by myself on a train to Cherry Hill, NJ to stay with my godparents and their kids…..for three weeks. We went to the world’s fair several times during that visit.

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  3. I went to London with my parents and my Dad, who had grown up in London, took me to see St. Paul’s Cathedral , and the Tower of London. In those days you could just go in to those places. I thought both were amazing . My Dad said he had never been to them while he lived there so it was a first for both of us.

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