I Wonder Why I Get Bored Easily


I Wonder Why I Get Bored Easily

In 2014 I was forced into working for myself.  I had gone out on disability at the end of 2013 due to a MS symptom flareup which knocked me on my butt.  To supplement our income I began buying items at auction and reselling them online.  It wasn’t much, but it kept the bills paid; and it was fun!   Over the next year the business began to grow and take on its own identity resulting in me buying and selling furniture.

I would travel to auctions across North and South Carolina buying vintage and antique furniture, loading up my truck and heading home to clean it and sell it.  I learned a lot.  I struggled a lot.  But then in 2016 my passion for it shifted.

Going to auctions lost the shine.  I had to talk myself in to wanting to make the drive and go through the hassle of sitting for hours to buy a few pieces of vintage gold.  I didn’t enjoy it any longer.

Throughout my life I have recognized this pattern.  I discover something new.  I become obsessed with this new thing.  I get bored with new thing.  I move on to something different.  For many years I thought I had an issue with “sticktoitiveness”, but over the last few years I have realized that after 2-3 years of doing something I become bored.

I’m not sure why I am geared like this.  My dad worked his entire career for the same company a feat I admire, but could never do for myself.  The thought of doing something over and over just isn’t for me.  For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me, that I should be able to stick with one thing for a long period of time.

But over the last few years I realize I’m okay with switching and changing things up.

I wonder if there are others out there like me?  Do you find yourself bored with your job, hobby, relationship?  Do you find yourself wanting a new challenge?

43 thoughts on “I Wonder Why I Get Bored Easily

  1. I think I’ve never left a job due to boredom, but rather through getting fired, or laid off, or relocation, or going out of business, or opportunity. However, I remember my mother’s many hobbies that ran their course and got dropped for something else.

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  2. I’ve always been very lucky that I’ve loved what I do long enough to make a career out of it, both before I ‘retired’ and after. Ken and I used to have an antiques business too–I can’t wait to get back to it when I retire from my second career!

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  3. Definitely, I started as a motor mechanic and ended up a carpenter, now I’m teaching it, there were loads of other stuff in between too. Possibly like you, once I can do something then I get bored, but I’m usually very passionate about it in the beginning, maybe too passionate and it burns itself out?

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    • That is exactly how I am. When I commit to something I do it with everything in my soul. That type of commitment is nearly impossible to maintain for long periods of time.

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  4. I too do get bored doing the same thing for a long time but then I know that it is only because
    I need some relief before taking up the challenge/design/problem again. Sometimes I get back to it in a few days sometimes in few years at other times never but yes, like Peter, I usually enjoy the journey.

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  5. My son works temp jobs because he can’t stand to be at one job for long periods. He sometimes works new jobs every day depending on what is available at the agencies. Me I can’t stand constant change. I stay at a job til it quits me. Not that I am working anymore, but when I did I stayed til I was laid off no matter how much I hated it or not.

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    • The only issue I would have with constant change like your son is not being able to gain any momentum at 1 job. That would definitely be too much change for me.

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      • He doesn’t care about that. He figures life will work out as he needs it to and so far he is right. He doesn’t care about benefits so much either. He is healthy and been lucky and he just gets his healthcare through the marketplace or whatever it is called. Right now he is traveling around the south trying to decide where he wants to settle and he just goes to the temp agencies to keep his funds intact.

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  6. When I was younger I traveled through relationships and moved on. But not now. I have had two completely different careers and now I consider my equestrian pursuits as a non paying career. So yes i do get bored but my time frame is quite a bit longer than yours.

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  7. I have a love of learning. If I could get paid to simply learn how things work and why and analyzing them, that’s what I would do. This, of course, means that—like you—I get intensely interested in something for a time and then move on to something different. I wonder if it’s not boredom so much as fascination with the world around us. There is such a variety of things to see, do, and learn!

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  8. I’ve left so many things due to boredom and for years pushed harder and harder at work so that things would stay interesting. I’m out of work on medical leave now and I probably won’t be going back, so I feel like I am finding new ways to scratch that itch. Lately I’ve been spending time learning basics of neurology actually!

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  9. I hear what you’re saying. I had to learn to do this job for what its is, boring and nonchallenging. But i had to do it for the stability, the family and the insurance. Eventually, i started doing all kinds of things: went back to school and etc…just scroll through my blog lol, checkout my About Page, i tried to put it into words.

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  10. This sort of boredom (what’s that?) might apply to me, only I would not call it boredom. I’m retired from library work, I’ve very many interests but find that some take my attention for a time and then I move on to another interest, though having said that there are some interests that don’t ever take a backseat! I’d say life is for the living, do it all, taste it all, enjoy it all. 🙂

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  11. I believe it’s all part of the plan, called life. Every journey you take leads you into the next part of your life with the experience that you need for that part of the journey. Happy Saturday, Mr. Dray 😉

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    • I think there are enough people out there who need constant stimulation to make us “normal” although I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always feel normal. lol

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  12. In a span of three years since graduating from college, I’ve hopped from one job to another. My first one only lasted 6 months, second was almost a year, and now this third job which is 6 months and counting. I get bored easily, it manifests as well with my reading habit; I read a book and wait only until 100 pages before I decide to carry on or DNF it. I think once I get myself familiarized with a thing/scenario/job, I start losing interest because for me there’s nothing more I can discover aside from what I already knew. There’s no “thrill” in it anymore.

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    • I can say I last more than 6 months. I was always careful and aware that too much hopping doesn’t look attractive on a resume. And I didn’t want to bartender my entire life.


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