Eight Tracks?😳

The Bag Lady

“Where is that eight track player we used to have? Remember it was a portable we took on picnics? It was plainjane, no phosphorescent filaments needed, or connection to the Internet to use. I was going through my dad’s boxes from the attic and found a large collection of eight tracks. I can’t wait to listen to them again.”

His teenage son rolls his eyes.


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2 thoughts on “Eight Tracks?😳

  1. I finally figured out how to post comments. For some reason when I get your emails I click on your website but am not able to like or comment. I totally love this blog!! 8-tracks. I remember those. My favorite 8-track growing up was the Drifters. Then came Def Leppard. Omg you brought back so many memories of being young. Love it

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