There’s 1 Truth In Life…Change Will Absolutely Happen

There’s 1 Truth In Life…Change Will Absolutely Happen


There’s 1 Truth In Life, Change Will Absolutely Happen

Every morning I wake up around 4:00-4:30 am.  I grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and I head downstairs to make my morning coffee.  Two creams, two Truvias.  I hit the Power button on my laptop and check emails from 3 separate accounts, delete what is trash and add the rest to my To Do list.

Next I select SportsCenter to play in the background while I begin working my way through my To Do list.  I like sending emails out early because I imagine no other human is up at that hour sending mail and there are many times when I will get a response back quickly.  I usually work until 6:30 am after which I’ll grab a shower, get dressed and head out to begin my day, usually leaving the house by 7:05 am.

The longer I ride this rock around the universe the more I find myself set in my ways.  I don’t have to really look at the clock at this point as I can feel the time and sense when it is time to shower.  We all have routines and to some degree we all get set in our ways.  That is until something happens that rocks us or disturbs our complacency.

We rely on our routines and our minds have to have them to operate.  If the mind had to focus on every single task like driving or brushing our teeth or making coffee, it would become completely overloaded which would result in a meltdown.  So routines are a necessary thing.

Then something happens that isn’t normal; isn’t usual.  Typically change occurs in the form of a death in the family, unexpected pregnancy, getting fired from a job or maybe the shock of an unexpected birthday party.  Regardless, change will happen.  And ironically change might be the only thing that is consistent in life.

Evelina and I are going through some big life changes right now, some really good and some not so good.  I think I told everyone about Evelina’s broken arm and surgery.  Then she had kidney stones and a surgery for that.  Those 2 events disrupted our life for 4 months.  Talk about disrupting routine!

We are now in the beginning stages of building a new house and I’m having to deal with the stress associated with the home buying process.

At my age I don’t like change a lot.  My routines have left ruts deep like a motocross track.  They serve an exact purpose which is to allow me to get from task-to-task without using much thought or energy.

Image result for motocross ruts

And now even bigger changes are on the horizon, news that I’ll probably be sharing in the coming months so be on the lookout for an update!  I’m trying to be more flexible these days and I’ve been working diligently on being more patient.  I’m changing slowly, but surely, but I would hazard a guess that Evelina would say more slowly than anything else.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!



23 thoughts on “There’s 1 Truth In Life…Change Will Absolutely Happen

  1. All the best Danny. Congrats on the changes that bring you joy and best wishes for coping with those that don’t. I hear you. Change is something that I struggle with as well, even if it really is the only constant.

  2. Oh, yes, that old Greek was right about stepping the in same river twice. Maybe the better metaphor about routines is train tracks (They are an efficient way to move things around.) rather than ruts, and even train tracks have switches.

  3. Being flexible allows you to take unforeseen bumps with ease. I’m sure that you will do just fine. Good luck with everything. And that’s a tough schedule.

      1. It’s going. I’m trying to keep busy and be creative in one way or another. I hope that you and your wife are doing better.

      2. We have turned the corner! It feels good to have life going in the right direction! lol

  4. First, sorry for Evelina’s issues. Secondly, it doesn’t get any better with age. I’ve spent my working, now retired, life-embracing change…until now. Change is the last thing I want. Good post.

  5. You’re right, for all our routines sometimes things happen and changes are inevitable. Warmest wishes to you both as you navigate whatever is around the corner.

  6. Change is good, but change can also be hard even if it is good. The house thing is hard !!!! Also having your other half going through health issue is very challenging. I’m the one who has always had the health issues and I like it that way. I don’t think I could handle seeing the husband hurting and sick. Just ride the raft down that river of life, it’ll be easier πŸ˜‰ Blessings and wow you get up so early :0 I don’t think I could ever get up that early on a regular basis…Happy Spring

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