I’m Not Sure What I Believe About God

I’m Not Sure What I Believe About God


I’m Not Sure What I Believe About God

When I was a young boy we went to church on a regular basis: every Wednesday night, every Sunday and every Sunday night.  I had a great youth group to be a part of and we were all pretty good friends.  God and Jesus weren’t really pushed down our throats, but the church was a Bible teaching church and believed that life, Earth were all created by God in 7 days, Adam and Eve were the first humans and if you didn’t confess Jesus then you would go to hell.  I think these beliefs are fairly typical of most Christian churches.

When I left for college many of these ideologies were challenged and I abandoned most of these beliefs.  At this point it has been proven that our planet and universe have been around for more than five thousand years, humans evolved from a primitive form of proto hominins who had limited faculties and it is highly unlikely that the world was created in 7 days.

I look at some of my early beliefs much in the same way humans once believed the Earth was flat.  Or that people who suffered from seizures were possessed by demons.  Or that witches in Salem existed resulting in thousands of innocent women being brutally murdered.

As I have interacted with people from around the globe and met people from all religions my eyes have been opened to the fact that the world is an enormous place with people who hold differing world-views.  My views have been influenced by many people and have become an amalgamation of my experiences.

As the title reflects, I’m not sure what I believe about “God”.  I do believe there is a higher power in this world, I just don’t know what it, he, she is exactly.  I’m fairly certain God isn’t a person.  It is easy for mankind to view a deity in our form as it is the only form we know.   Maybe God takes on a human form?  I don’t know.

I am always put off when someone pretends to know or believe as definitive fact something that humans cannot possibly know.  I have no idea if aliens helped build the pyramids, but I doubt it happened.  I don’t have any insight as to Nessie being a real creature living in a lake, but I have my doubts.  And I will never state as fact what happens when we die because I have no clue, nor does anyone else.  As it stands, we are all guessing.

And we guess about a lot of stuff, but I’m satisfied not knowing.  It actually feeds my curiosity and that makes life that much more interesting.  Not knowing sometimes is most of the fun.  It forces me to dig for information.  It challenges me to expand my mind.  Not knowing allows me to use my imagination.  Not knowing makes anything possible which is exciting and scary all at the same time.

So, what is “God”?  I have no idea and I’m okay with not knowing.



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  1. Wow! That’s a meaty topic for a Saturday morning! Like you, I grew up going to church, but as I reached my mid teens I started to realise that I didn’t know what I believed. It just wasn’t an omnipotent deity. Now approaching 50, I believe that there is nothing other than science. but as you suggest, there is no proof for that either… I believe what can be proved.

    1. The primary issue with science is much of it is based on theory which becomes assumed which becomes accepted which becomes accepted fact. In the end it is still theory, right? I went down this road in my twenties and the science highway left me longing for more substance so I changed highways.

  2. Have got to agree with you 100% Danny. I think the nearest comparison to God is probably the ‘Force’ in Star Wars, but I don’t have a problem with teaching little kids the Bible, there’s nothing wrong with teaching them it’s wrong to steal, kill etc and they are backed up with some pretty cool stories which I think makes them so much more inspirational than just telling them it’s against the law?

  3. I think the “I don’t know” position is a good one, especially when I see how so many people who are sure they do know behave with bigotry and intolerance. There are even places in The Bible that seem to speak to the point. The voice from the burning bush tells Moses, “I am nameless”, meaning, I think, “My true nature is beyond you ability to define in a name.” And, in the speech from the whirlwind to Job, the messages seems to be, “To really know me you would have to know all this and more.”

    1. My favorite interaction in the Bible occurs when Yahweh first introduces himself to Abraham as “Ego Deus omnipotens” (I am omnipotent). Many people read right past this but to me it struck me. Imagine being that guy in that situation. You ask for something definitive and you get that answer. Talk about not understanding. Lol.

  4. Danny right on as always. I too enjoy mythology. See nothing wrong teaching kids about religion and…. well… I wanted this to be a secret but since the festive season is on, here is my secret, I totally enjoy the social gatherings and special meals that go together.

    1. I appreciate traditions as well. It brings about a special feeling that lets me know a higher power is present.

  5. I think that being happy not knowing something is a very healthy concept and, in that respect, I agree wholeheartedly Danny. What I do find annoying, and distasteful, is the extremely bigoted view that so many individuals, or groups, take, and the “holier than thou” attitude, or “we have an absolute right because it says in the Bible” (or any other religious tome written to suit their particular needs). I don’t think that Fake News is a new concept!

    1. If someone says to me “I’ve got it all figured out!” I listen intently because they may have the answer. To date none of them have satisfied my curiosity

  6. Hi Danny
    It is ok to not know and accept that you don’t know rather than be like the rich man who praised himself when he donated a big amount to the temple. We are given a brain to think and not to suppress doubts when they arise. If you have questions, you need to dig till you find the answers- and you will find the answers- of that I am sure.
    In research, when a hypothesis is made, there is a statement that says how true is the hypothesis or how close to the absolute truth is the hypothesis. I believe no research will absolutely reach the 100% truth stage- there will always be a margin for error. If we reach the absolute truth in any quest, I believe we would have reached the higher power.

    1. A professor of mine in college went on sabbatical to Asia to seek enlightens. He wrote back “I think I might have reached enlightenment, but I’m not exactly sure.” Such is the paradox of life.

  7. I think that you made the most important conclusion, to the fact that you don’t know leaves you open to learning what the Creator is fir you. It doesn’t have to be what you’re raised with. That’s called growth. Opening your mind to other possibilities is extremely healthy and very wise, whatever your end results are. The point is to always question.

    1. I like the freedom of being curious. To limit curiosity would be like saying “I was born in Queens, raised in Queens therefore I will never explore the other parts of the city. I’m happy in Queens.” Meanwhile you miss you on some pretty amazing stuff.

      1. Totally…I think that’s where my faith starts <3 and I think having 5 babies did it for me. Our 2nd son died shortly after birth, Sean Patrick. He was born with Spina Bifida. I was a young 25 year old mother and had a healthy nine month old at home. All I could think of was who gets to decide who stays and who goes. Who orchestrates this grand plan. I got pg right away after losing Sean Patrick b/c I knew if I waited I wouldn't have anymore and I wanted a big family. We had a healthy baby girl nines months or so after losing Sean Patrick. Then 2 more son's. If I had never lost Sean Patrick, those 3 other children would've never been born. My daughter has 3 daughters of her own now and she's a RN. I always told her that her life was very special and part of a bigger plan because a baby had to give his life for her to be born. Blessings Danny and Happy Easter/Happy Spring

    1. I think that having the willingness to admit “I don’t know for sure” allows me to have a much wider acceptance of possibility. I am free to listen to all views and create my own understanding. Have you ever read “Hymns To An Unknown God” by Sam Keen?

  8. If I didn’t have a faith in God I would be totally lost and confused. I guess it’s an indivdual thing but to me, if there was no God then I don’t know why I exist or why I should. Some may think it’s my weakness, then so be it but because of my faith in God I can face tomorrow.

  9. I have similar thoughts as you and was raised a Catholic, with “all the works.” On one hand I envy people who have unshakable belief in God. It must comfort them immensely “knowing” there is an afterlife. But then I read where 4 out of 10 Americans believe the earth is just a few thousand years old and I have to wonder if these people can believe this, then how credible is their belief in God? I find myself slowly but surely drifting away from religion.

    1. I’m not sure which direction I’m drifting. Taoism teaches to stop fighting the current and let life go where life goes. I think I’m doing that. lol

  10. I am a devout catholic. I believe wholeheartedly in the church. Of course I’ll be honest I don’t always agree with some of the Catholics stance on various things. For example I don’t believe in abortion for myself. I don’t agree that it’s my job to condemn others if they don’t believe the same. I also don’t believe any church has the right to judge others based on their sexual orientation. I have many gay friends that I love dearly. Family members included. I don’t understand it but it’s not for me to judge. I do believe in praying to the saints asking for their intercession and I believe a God exists but I’ll admit I struggle to wrap my head around the whole idea of believing in something I can’t see feel or touch. I’m striving to have that connection and have been all of my life. However, I will say I’ve had divine experiences that can only be explained by believing that only a power much higher than myself could have caused that to happen. I pray a lot but I don’t feel that connection that others claim they have. In short, I’m struggling. It’s refreshing to know I’m not alone in this whole God thing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and honesty. 🌹

    1. I respect your honesty and your faith. When I hear someone be honest and say “I’m not sure” or “I don’t have it all figured out”, my respect for them goes way up. I hope to one day be where you are in the faith arena. I want to allow my heart to win out over my head, but I do think a lot. lol

  11. I share a lot of your thoughts. And also get riled when someone “pretends to know or believe as definitive fact something that humans cannot possibly know.”

    I love to view God in the mystical sense, as the Bible says, Living Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence. That way everyone can believe as they like. There’s room. Omniscience is vast beyond our comprehension. And ALL things are possible. Limitless expansion. Limitless expression.

    1. I believe that whatever is overseeing this whole drama we call life is so much different than anyone imagines. I think the afterlife is a place of ultimate acceptance and all-encompassing love. I’m not sure what happens to bad people though. Hitler, Stalin, serial killers, etc.

  12. God is learning to be happy with yourself and treating others the way that you be treated. it’s also forgiving yourself for your mistakes like you forgive others. that’s what it is to me. there’s too little time to be wasted on drama and raw emotions.

    1. Jim, I’m with you. I definitely have to work on the forgiving myself part. I’m hard on myself and sometimes hard on others.

  13. I was also in church on Wednesdays, Sunday mornings and Sunday nights, and then in the summers there was Camp-meeting all over the place. I also strayed in my teens. I think what we all run from is not God and what we’ve been taught, but how other ‘Christians’ use it to manipulate others to do their will, which is not necessarily God’s will. I am lucky in that I returned to my early conversion (at 4 years old) in my early twenties. The Bible says plainly that God’s days do not necessarily fit into our own 24 hours.

    ‘But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’ 2 Peter 3:8-9.

    Let me challenge you, get yourself alone, and begin to pray out loud as you remember people praying in those Wednesday night prayer meetings. You will change your life, you might just change the world. God bless.

    1. Usually I am very resistant to these types of comments, but that quote from the Bible hit a cord with me. I am going to add the Bible to my reading list now. Thank you for that.

      1. Thank you for letting me know. I hesitate making these kinds of comments, but if I need to be bold, I am bold. Best to you, I enjoy reading WordPress blogs and meeting others all around the world through them.

  14. Faith is, unfortunately, a very touchy subject. Like Velmadunkin I grew up Chatholic, thankfully I got over it! As a child I understood that religion is a man made thing; God (Papa) had nothing to do with it. Yeshua (Jesus) didn’t come here to start a religion, he already had one. He was Jewish and came here to question the aplication of the law, and point us back to God. Had he not been murdered by his own people three years into his ministry, the world might be a very different place right now. Papa, Yeshua, Mother Mary and the rest of the team are very real to me. I don’t need a building with a cross to talk to any one of them. We talk everyday, about a wide variety of things from Atlantis, to what my priorities for the day are. Keep searching, you will find what you are looking for. Ask Papa a question and watch for the signs. He will answer, he always answers.

    1. I always love and appreciate your perspective and the guidance I’ve gotten from your FB videos and posts. Thank you!

  15. I believe in God, Jesus Christ son of God and the Holy Spirit. Lots of people don’t believe. Nothing new there. For the past Month as I have battled back surgery and faced the possibility of death, I have been so grateful for my faith and the faithfulness of God. I called my family when I decided on the emergency surgery and expressed my belief that if anything happened to me that I felt secure in the knowledge that I was ready to go. I still feel that way.

  16. Good thoughts. I feel like my faith was such a big part of my life. I left the church 4 years ago and I feel as if I’m a completely different person. The Bible no longer makes sense to me. Is there a God? I think so. To me evolution makes less sense than God creating people. But other things like the fall of man and Jesus needing to die because we are all hell bound baffles me. I don’t know what I believe either.

    1. Most of what is taught in church isn’t actually Biblical, but traditions of man. If a person reads what is actually in the NT they will find that almost everything about “hell” isn’t in there.

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