26 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/9/19

  1. We usually go explore or do something different; something we have never done before. it makes it fun and exciting, plus we get to see some more sights of our beautiful state, Colorado.

  2. I find it sad that the term “date night” had to be invented. Every night has been a date night for my wife and me. Sometimes we sit and do nothing special, and say nothing. We still enjoy each others company.

    1. We do the same. For me I decided it is important to take time to ask my wife out and court her like I did way back when. Then we get dressed up and do more than just run down the street for dinner. For us it shows each other that it is important to take time and do something together outside of our routine. It keeps the relationship fresh.

  3. Taking time to teach the other person about your passions, in some kind of controlled manner sounds nice. For instance, taking up soccer for a month (perhaps to play in a game) when neither has played in some time. Both people get acquainted –or reacquainted– and the one with experience can guide the other? Maybe a class of some kind, instead? Like cooking or woodworking, jewelry, etc etc. It would show the patience, teaching, and learning styles of the couple, too. You can also alternate. As long as you agree to disagree if you don’t want to or like the subject. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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