Is It Imperative To Live An Inspired Life?

Is It Imperative To Live An Inspired Life?


Is It Imperative To Me To Live An Inspired Life?

In 2014 I began this journey on Dream Big Dream Often.  I didn’t have many goals when I first started, other than taking over the world!  Seriously, all I wanted to do was build a platform that would allow me to purge my soul and mind.  I was curious as to how many people might relate or hold valuable the beliefs that I held as critical for my life.

Along the way this blog has taken a life of its own.  People from all over the world read my scribbles and I am still awestruck by the fact that hundreds of thousands of visitors find my site each year.  Who would have ever thought a guy living in North Carolina could reach so many people!

The main purpose of me running Dream Big has been to inspire others.  To lead by example and try to express to my readers that life might be tough, but humans are tougher.  If we aspire to inspire we can do amazing things.

I believe it is so important to live an intentional life.  At my core I must know that I’m making a difference.  I must know that I am seeking to add value to the world around me.  I must know that there are people out there who read something I’ve written and say “If this idiot can do it, then I can do it!”.

I have my own opinion on living an inspired life.  A few of the things I believe encapsulate this are:

  1. A deliberate focus on helping others.
  2. A willingness to put the needs of the team above the needs of self.
  3. A willingness to step out of the comfort zone and do something meaningful and long-lasting.
  4. The courage to stand on principles and have an opinion.

Of all my thoughts on inspiration these are the ones that I believe help drive me.

I’m curious to know if you think it is important to live an inspired life?  And what other factors might you add to my short list?



41 thoughts on “Is It Imperative To Live An Inspired Life?

  1. I am passionate about living an inspired life, often it is all about getting out of my comfort zone. But hey the end justifies my efforts. Consistency is also another key thing to inspiring others.

  2. I have to agree with your points 1-4, Mr Danny. When I first started reading your post I thought I was too much a recluse to have such lofty goals in my life. Guess it is time for another self-evaluation session. But I am hesitant, the last serious eval caused me to run for public office. I lost by only 97% of the total vote.A recount was sort of out of the question. g

    1. And I would argue that often times the trying is the success not only winning. The fact that you put yourself out there is huge. I would not be willing to do what you did. Kudos!

  3. Part of my “about” on my blog says it all for me: “Peter particularly enjoyed interviewing and mentoring throughout his unplanned career and feels privileged to have served his country, his community, and older people.” I still help others wherever I can.

      1. I agree, and it does not have to be all singing/all dancing, shouted from the rooftops type of help, just a willingness to accept that we ought to be aware of, and help, others, as we are able to.

  4. My goal in life is to live Here and Now and not ponder too much the past or second guess the future. Being kind to all living things is also up there for me.

    1. I have never been the best at living in the here-and-now, but as I’m getting older maturity is kicking in and I’m realizing that all my planning and striving needs to be governed and mixed with some smelling of the roses.

    1. I’ve been thinking about this lately … feeling that I planned badly. LOL. My plans have gone astray. Then I remember the saying … “Man plans, and God laughs.” — Yiddish saying So, I guess we plan and adapt.

      According to the Jesuits, we “discern” what is right for us. You could say we discern where self/god/universe is leading us. For now I’m living in the here and now … making smart choices … and wondering what comes next. I do believe though “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

  5. Absolutely agree, I strive to live an inspired life! For me, it’s important to nurture and develop my gifts and talents, and use them to share, in hopes of helping others. We’re in this together, and we all have something special to contribute!

  6. I strive to live an inspired life. Leaving my kids a legacy to think of others more often than they think about themselves. To do good for the greater good, even when it’s not what is easiest for you. To leave a legacy that we are all valuable and no one of us is more special or more important than another!

    1. I recently attended the funeral of the father of a coworker. I listened to all of the things he had done in his life to help others and it inspired me to want to be a better person. That’s when you know someone was an inspiration!

  7. I have been trying now for at least the last 3 years to re-invent myself and have had many ups but also many downs. I have found that standing on my principles have cost me, but still I believe in my convictions, and I will not be driven by my fears. If you cannot accept me for me than oh well. Breathe in breathe out and I will forge forward with my faith in my God and me…Blessings, Danny you do inspire me !!!

    1. I am so glad you enjoy. I’m not posting as much as I did over the last few years, but I am glad you dropped a note!

  8. # 4
    Hit home with me

    It resonates with my own personality ..

    Am in total agreement with you wanting to inspire…

    And you have….

    Keep on doing what you are doing Danny

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