15 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/13/19

    1. It doesn’t seem to be an effective long-term strategy. Or at minimum relationships would take a huge hit! lol

  1. Better or worse, but I don’t know which.

    One view:

    “Moving parts in rubbing contact require lubrication to avoid excessive wear. Honorifics and formal politeness provide lubrication where people rub together. Often the very young, the untravelled, the naive, the unsophisticated deplore these formalities as “empty,” “meaningless,” or “dishonest,” and scorn to use them. No matter how “pure” their motives, they thereby throw sand into machinery that does not work too well at best.” ― Robert Heinlein

    1. So are you associating honesty with knocking people down? I find that perspective intriguing because I didn’t even consider that when writing the question. Hmmmm……

      1. I had a lot of thought in my head when I wrote that, one was abusive relationships. Another was those sort of does my bum look big in this sort of questions. Of course at some points it is is good to tell the truth, but and this is just an example if someone was going through a shit time, their manager knew and understood why their work had suffered, but you didnt and were getting annoyed at picking up the slack for no apparent reason, if you then did say exactly what you thought, then you would be very much in the wrong. Sometimes its good to just keep your mouth shut

      2. I’ve been thinking about this exact situation/scenario to help me stop being so judgmental. You never know what someone is going through. They might be driving slowly because they just got the worst news of their life. When I think about how I act sometimes it makes me feel embarrassed.

  2. Funny! I just had a situation where someone was wanting me to just be ok – thanks and I decided – no- this person did bad business – they used me and now they need to know that is not ok. They were speechless – I felt that they may have never had someone speak truth to them so – hopefully they won’t do it again to someone else without thinking twice… hopefully – it would be nice if everyone spoke the truth in love!

    1. It could be possible that fewer people would talk bad behind the back. If we all were a bit more honest when someone wrongs us then there would be no need to backbite.

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