6 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/15/19

  1. Haha, going tomorrow and I like going. Especially tomorrow as I’ve had toothache for a week, well only when I bite on that side so not too bad. Bet you get some interesting answers though 😜


  2. I feared it for a long time (bad experience with a wisdom tooth extraction). Now that most of my teeth are store bought, and I have a very good Hygienist, it’s not so bad.


  3. Fortunately, I will not have to see another dentist unless I forget where I put my high impact plastic teeth at the end of the evenin’ or possible episode of sensual frivolity (don’t ask). But, considering my age and past record of embarrassing misplacement … the percentage of forgetting once again gets compounded with each advancing year. g


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