I Have Become Judgmental & Negative the Last Few Years


I have become judgmental & negative the last few years.

In part because I find many people in today’s world to be self-absorbed and inconsiderate which has created in me a default mechanism to “everyone around me sucks”. But there are good people in the world so I am on a new mission in life to be a better version of myself.

Less judgmental mainly.

I am working to give people the benefit of the doubt and remind myself of 2 key facts…1. I am not without my own faults (those who work with me will attest that I’m not the easiest person to be around sometimes. Don’t believe them, then ask Evelina.) and 2. I don’t know what others are going through at the moment I’m judging them.

#2 is really important for me to remember because I don’t really know what others are going through and being kind could help them in ways I’ll never know.



29 thoughts on “I Have Become Judgmental & Negative the Last Few Years

  1. I think it is a turning wheel… I might be wrong, but it feels like as years go by, people live in a more isolated way. Bumping into strangers, most people take the short cut and judge us based on how little they know or see of us. And getting judged regularly influences us to do the same. It is hard to welcome strangers with open arms, when they stare back with judgemental eyes. I don’t know… Maybe I am overthinking this 😉 Great 2 rules to keep in mind, though! I totally agree with you there.

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  2. You are correct. I also think we do tend to become more reclusive as we age; less certain, more fragile, stuck in our ways. I believe that it follows, since drugs have gained in popularity, raising children properly it seems, has become redundant.

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  3. I always attempt to give people the benefit of the doubt; however, nowadays, people will bump into you and not say excuse me, drive in front of a waiting list of cars like they are “the king” or walk straight ahead with earbuds in and not even attempt to strike up a conversation with the person next to them.

    So I think that both young and old people can be reclusive.

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  4. I have to admit there’s times when I judge.
    Then I have to ask for forgiveness cuz I’m not the only God and I should not judge 😂 cuz I sure don’t want nobody judging me. But it’s everybody in the world today…,
    It is definitely a great goal to set, I am with you!

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    • Thank you! Some judging is natural as it helps protect our safety. But that is where it needs to stop. I make too many assumptions and I’m working to change that.


  5. The good thing is you are aware of who you are or what you have become… and are dealing with people and situations from that perspective… most people never get that far… now I’m being judgmental about that….!!!

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    • There is something to be said for self-awareness and you are correct. I know many people who can’t even apologize much less acknowledge they have flaws.

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