We Believe Different Things and That’s Okay

We Believe Different Things and That’s Okay

DannyI’m sure at this point you’ve seen the interview videos held on college campuses around the United States.  I’ve watched several of them today as I took advantage of a rainy day.  In these videos a guy or lady walks around college campuses asking students about their political views and then asks them to give specifics to back their belief system.  Rarely can the students provide substance to defend their beliefs.

One particular video grabbed my attention for 2 primary reasons.  First, because of the number of college students who seem to be espousing socialist views.  Secondly, because many who were interviewed believe that free speech only applies to those expressing views that aligned with their own.  And differing views should be considered “hate” speech.

I don’t agree with many people who are extremists, but I do believe they have the right to express their views.  And sometimes it is painful to let someone speak, especially if their views are racial, anti-religion, pro-life/pro-abortion, etc.  Opposing views should not automatically be classified as “hate” speech and it alarmed me to listen to student after student express this world-view.

And quite a few agreed with amending the Constitution to limit citizens’ right to free speech!

But when asked WHY the Constitution should be amended they were not able to provide a single valid reason why.  Eventually they fell back on their belief that “hate speech” should be restricted.

I don’t believe this is a view I’ll be adopting any time soon.



14 thoughts on “We Believe Different Things and That’s Okay

  1. I’m feeling for this generation. Sadly I don’t think they’ve been educated responsibly in political science…There is no such thing as a free lunch, freedom isn’t free and if you were born in America you are lucky enough. I raised 4 kids from that generation and when I hear them talk, well let’s just say we stay away from politics because it’s really aggravating and I’ve never been one to just agree for the sake of peace. I should’ve watch closer. Maybe I could’ve made a difference. Unfortunately I think they are just going to have to learn the hard way.

  2. I can tell you why “hate speech” should not be allowed. Because words are not just words. Because when someone says things like “those people should die” or “I’m going to kill Jews! (Or muslims or whites or blacks or what have you)” whether or not that person acts on those words, it puts the idea of violence and hate out there into someone’s head—perhaps someone who’s willing to act on it. And that can put a direct threat into someone’s life. And that’s not okay.

    As for the words “socialism” and “communism”, you and I seem to have different definitions. How do you define them?

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