I Feel Just Like a Political Refugee

I Feel Just Like a Political Refugee


Have you ever casually read through a Facebook political argument thread?  If you have you might recognize it as minutes of your life that you’ll never be able to claim back.  People arguing with zero intentions of having their minds changed with their only intention of internet yelling louder than their adversary.

And of course we know that no one ever wins an internet political argument until the mud slinging begins.  It’s like watching children argue in the sandbox.

The political environment in the United States is fairly simple.  If you support Donald Trump you’re an ignorant, back-woods racist.  And if you are a supporter of the left then you are a closed minded, child-killing, socialist.  Politics in the U.S. is quite polarizing and at the same time maddening.  And I hate it.

I don’t identify with the left because they seem to be a party who only accepts you IF you believe exactly as they believe and then tow the party line regardless.  And I don’t identify with the right these days for many of the same reasons.  I feel as though I am a political refugee without a home.

On the surface the sides seem to be dug in.  The left refuses to budge.  The right refuses to budge.  And those in the middle are stuck, left to choose between two polar opposites.  And choosing is like being asked which you prefer, to drink a cup of vomit or eat a bugger sandwich.  I wish there was an option in the middle.  A candidate who was a bit socially conscious, yet fiscally responsible.

I absolutely, positively hate politics.



13 thoughts on “I Feel Just Like a Political Refugee

  1. It’s a bit like that here in the UK, but we have the Liberal Democrats who are more in the middle ground. Sadly, though, many people won’t vote for them because they see them as ‘unelectable’. A bit of a vicious circle. They don’t get elected because people think they have no chance of winning, but they don’t get elected because people won’t vote for them.
    So we have two opposites, neither of which will make a good prime minister (My opinion!)

  2. Australia also has a two party (i.e. no choice) system, so things just swing between one or the other, Labour this term, Liberal the next. All the minor parties try as best they can but can’t get the numbers. I too hate politics.

  3. There are people in the middle but the way the party system is rigged, it doesn’t allow them to get a big enough share of the vote to be heard. Since money is speech it doesn’t make sense to be an outward third party nominee. Nice to see that you have time for blogging, Danny!

  4. Moderates like us are there but we have neither party that we identify with. The Dems are too far left and the Repubs I don’t recognize any more.

  5. I’m married to a pole sci man… I really don’t like politics either. What drives my politial choice is whoever supports life, that’s my candidate!!! It’s the only thing I am passionate about when it comes to the issues <3 Blessings <3

  6. I feel this way too! I have been a registered Independent for well over a decade. The team mentality RED/BLUE two party system is destroying our country. Nothing meaningful is getting done, just arguing and posturing from both sides, it’s disheartening.

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