My Top 3 List of Sucky Covid Symptoms

My Top 3 List of Sucky Covid Symptoms

On Sunday around 3 am I woke up with the worst chills I’ve ever had, but never did I think I would be experiencing Covid symptoms. I was hot and cold all at the same time and there was no escaping it. When I finally awoke on Sunday morning I was expecting to find that I had the flu or something with the thought of Covid in the back of my mind. In this day and age I try not to think about Covid much, but like most people every time I hear a cough I instantly think coronavirus. After taking an online test out of boredom I then called my doctor to get a consultation via video.

Nonetheless, I quarantined myself upstairs and covered up to fight my 101.9 degree fever. Next came the cough and chest pressure. Then on Monday morning the reality of Covid hit me when I started to lose the taste in my mouth. It wasn’t what I expected and it wasn’t dramatic, but more like a dulling of the sense. I could taste, but only things with extreme tastes like bitter, sour, buttery, etc.

Today I am on day 4 and Evelina now has it too so we are quarantined together.

To this point there are 3 things that suck about my Covid symptoms:

1. The sweating might be the most annoying symptom

Since my fever broke yesterday I have been a sweaty mess. And by that I mean that I have to change clothes 3 times every day due to the sweaty nastiness. Last night I covered up after taking my medications and felt like I slept in an oven. The sweating is something I haven’t read much about, but I am hear to tell you that it is not fun.

2. This headache is going to make my head explode

Second on my list is this never-ending headache. Along with sweating all day, I have a headache that will not stop. The only relief I get is when I sleep so at night I take as much Nyquil as allowed and I drift off into dreamland. But when I awake, the headache is there waiting on me. Some stories I’ve read online talk about people having the headache for weeks after quarantine ends, but I am hoping that is not the case.

3. The fatigue factor is the real deal

I’ve read a lot about Covid and I’ve heard others talk about how tired it makes them and I am hear to tell you that the fatigue is real. At night I am sleeping about 10 hours each night whereas I usually sleep 6-7 hours. After I wake up I usually need to sleep again around midmorning and I’ll take another nap sometime in the afternoon. Bedtime usually happens around 9 pm. I feel like I’m sleeping 14 hours every day and sometimes it doesn’t feel like it is enough.


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  1. Sorry to read that you and Evelina caught that dang virus… I send you both my best (I was about to say ”warmest”, but it didn’t seem fit, with your fever) thoughts, and wish you both a full and quick recovery! Take good care 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you. I was one of those who believed the media had hyped Covid to create fear. And while I do believe the media has used Covid as a headline, I will admit this is the real deal. We have felt awful now for nearly 2 weeks.

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