Curious To Know How I’ve Survived Covid Quarantine?

Curious To Know How I’ve Survived Covid Quarantine?

Covid quarantine is not always the easiest thing to survive. Not everyone can spend 100% of their time locked inside their home and even fewer people can do so while locked up with their spouse! But for Evelina and I the road thus far has been smooth sailing.

To pass the time one must be creative. Too much binge watching is not healthy. Too much sitting around is not healthy. So I have used a combination of binging Lost, sitting out on our deck and napping. Lots and lots of napping.

Covid quarantine daily breakdown

My day usually begins around 7 am after a solid 10 hours of sleep the previous night. I usually only eat a couple bananas for breakfast, but the last 2 days has seen a switch over to 2 scrambled eggs, grits and toast. After breakfast Evelina has my medication regimen ready to go which consists of vitamin B-12, Benadryl, an airborne vitamin complex, a baby aspirin and some type of flu/cold medication the doctor and pharmacist recommended.

Once I have swallowed down all of that I usually move to the couch (which I’m now calling the Sweat Factory) where I begin my daily dose of Lost. This is a great series to binge because the episodes are 40+ minutes each and there’s around 20 or so episodes per season. So this makes for perfect Covid quarantine viewing material!

Around noon comes nap time. At Evelina’s encouragement I am trying to take an hour each day to rest my eyes from technology. This also helps with the massive headache I am experiencing. The nap might be the most important part of my day as I’ve been battling a lot of fatigue so far.

After nap time I usually grab a sandwich of some type. Today’s treat was tuna with chopped onion, black pepper on potato bread with Sensible Portions veggie chips. If you haven’t had the Sensible Portions chips you have to try them! And of course while I’m eating lunch I continue to watch Lost while sitting on the Sweat Factory.

The rest of my day is about the same as what you’ve seen to this point. A whole lot of nothing. I guess it is a good thing that Evelina and I both got the virus together so we could be together. A friend of mine had to spend his quarantine by himself locked away in the upstairs bedroom. I think I would lose my mind.

As for my current symptoms…

My symptoms are relatively mild. After 5 days in quarantine I am through the fever phase which is nice. I will testify that the fever is the worst part and having that behind me is no small thing. The sucky thing is I still have the sweats. And I still have the nagging cough. But the congestion is mellowing and I am not having any respiratory issues (which is also nice!).

For me at this point the biggest issue is fatigue. I am so tired and like I mentioned in my previous post on Covid, the fatigue is no joke. I am tired all day long and I think this is amplified by the MS.

All-in-all I would say we are making due and playing the hand that’s been dealt. I’d like to complain about the boredom of quarantine, but it seems a bit insensitive considering the fact that nearly 500,000 people have died from this virus in the U.S. With that fact in mind I will count my blessings and keep the complaining to a minimum.

I hope everyone is safe and sound and counting their blessings!



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