Covid Lockdown: 4 Things I’ve Done To Keep From Going Batty

Covid Lockdown: 4 Things I’ve Done To Keep From Going Batty

Covid lockdown can feel like prison

Covid lockdown isn’t a lot of fun. I imagine that goes without saying unless you enjoy being locked inside your home. Our lockdown started on Sunday, February 28th, and it has felt like an eternity since we left the house. Keeping your sanity demands that you do things to pass the time and here’s the 4 things I’ve done to keep from going batty.

Binge watching Lost on Amazon Prime is a Covid lockdown must!

I watched all 6 seasons of Lost during my lockdown. Under normal circumstances this would be an unacceptable use of time, but there’s nothing better than binge watching an old favorite while sweating out a fever. I first watched Lost many years ago (I think it was 2014) and I loved it. I can say the series has stood the test of time. Jack, John Locke and Sawyer did not disappoint and provided the perfect mix of adventure and mystery while my body recovered. If you haven’t watched Lost I highly recommend it for your viewing pleasure.

I don’t want to give the ending away, but I will say that I think the series finale is one of my all-time favorites. Usually shows try too hard to answer all the questions and tie everything up with a bow. Lost’s finale did not answer all the questions and left the viewer with more questions, which was perfectly consistent with the show’s theme.

Catching up on my favorite Youtubers

I have three Youtubers that I watch on a regular basis: The Tim Tracker, Adam the Woo and Daze With Jordan the Lion. For those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time you will know that I am a huge Disney World fan. Tim Tracker is a vlog that follows the life of Tim, Jen and Jackson as they visit and highlight theme parks around the Orlando area. They produce a lot of content about food reviews and parks visits along with vlogs from their home. It’s quite entertaining if you enjoy theme parks.

I also follow Adam the Woo. This page is one of my favorites because Adam mostly videos road trips across the country. His original concept was to travel the country while living in a van. Later, Adam would by an RV which he named Large Marge. I love watching videos from his trip on Route 66 and trips through the back roads of the U.S.

And, lastly, I like Daze With Jordan the Lion. Jordan was a struggling actor in Hollywood who decided to create a vlog about the history and sites surrounding old Hollywood. He visits old houses of dead celebs like Marilyn Monroe or historic haunts of The Three Stooges. He always produces great content and I enjoy seeing the sites and learning the history of Hollywood. I highly recommend his vlog.

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned nap

If you have had Covid, then you can relate to this in a big way. I would say I’ve never slept more than I did over the last couple of weeks. I don’t know the exact numbers, but I would guess that I slept and napped around 15 hours each day. Under any other circumstances I would consider myself lazy. The truth is that it didn’t take much activity to put me in a slumber.

If you read my previous post on my symptoms you know that I would usually nap sometime after lunch and I napped almost every day! In a way it was nice to just relax and not have much to worry about. But now that life is returning to normal I will have a lot of work to which I’ll have to catch up.

Snacking and gaining weight – Covid lockdown downfall

I’ll admit this one was fun at the time, but now I’m annoyed at the weight gain. My sweet tooth did show itself a bit, but this quarantine was a snack fest of a different sort. This quarantine reacquainted my stomach with an UTZ Barbeque chips love affair! I also ate a lot of sandwiches which I think contributed to weight gain. Mostly I think my problem was a lot more eating in general; an increase in calories from nonstop snacking.

In the end too much of anything isn’t good for you and consuming more than 2,000 calories per day is never really good for my height and age. I guess the next few weeks will see me watching my intake.

With all of this said I am glad tomorrow is the end of my Covid lockdown. It comes at the perfect time and I am ready to get outside and enjoy the time change and warmer weather. The really nice thing about the southern U.S. this time of year is the warm temperatures.

And I plan to take full advantage!


3 thoughts on “Covid Lockdown: 4 Things I’ve Done To Keep From Going Batty

  1. The binge watching made me smile… Due to my boyfriend’s health issues, we have been in lockdown for almost a year now (only leaving the apartment for a couple of hours once every 2 or 3 weeks). And recently, I binge watched the 10 seasons of Friends, when I was off from work and not him. At the end, I think he gagged a little when the intro song played LOL

    How are you two doing? Are the symptoms getting any milder, by now? Sending you *big hugs* and hoping you’ll get better really soon! xx

  2. I didn’t really feel locked down. I’ve been locked down for about 40 years. The life of a mother of 5 … so being a homemaker it’s been business as usual. Who knew 🌻🌻

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