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I graduated from UNC Charlotte with a BA in Religious History with an emphasis in early Christian origins. I have spent my adult life as an amateur philosopher and avid student of the academic side of Christian origins. My interest in philosophy has led me to observing human behavior, especially as it relates to personal fulfillment and achieving success. It is my mission to help dreamers understand how to become doers. By understanding a few universal principles those that wish, hope, dream, but never achieve can find the personal success they have always wanted.

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Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

Life balance

Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

Byron Katie

Who am I without the story I tell myself? Who am I without the need to suffer? Do I even know what it means? Do I know how it feels to live life without regrets, missing someone, worrying about something? Do I really know how it feels to feel free and relaxed?

I don’t know how to live without my story. I don’t know how am I suppose to feel if I don’t regret past mistakes, ex lovers, lost opportunities or wrong choices. I don’t know what to think about if I don’t have to worry.

I don’t know how it feels not to suffer.

I’m so used to it. If it’s not about ex, then about the job, if not the job – then boss. If not boss – then income. If not income – then health. If not health – then friendship…

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Issues from the Heart

Image result for Replenish

In between, in between

Seemingly delayed in the middle of chasing the dream

Detoured by life’s curves, potholes, stop lights, road signs, and speed bumps

Still trying to push through to make it goal

Navigating the highway of life has consumed my tank’s fuel supply

Not fully calculating for the traffic that was encountered

Flustered, frustrated and weary I feel

Therefore, I had to pull off the route to replenish the power

If it was gas that was needed, it could easily be acquired from the numerous pit stops along the route

But the need was greater, it required the power source

One with a unique socket designed for my plug

So kneeling in prayer, I could not help but cry out

Restore, replace, renew and replenish my soul

Replace all the grime that had accumulated with the wear and tear of my engine

Restore the joy needed for pursuing…

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Too Close For Comfort

Reclaiming HOPE

Too Close For Comfort

“Should we head down to the basement?” I asked the question because although our cell phones were blaring a tornado warning, the weather man had just said the National Weather Service had cancelled tornado warnings in the areas around us and I thought maybe it was just a false alarm. As soon as the words left my mouth, though, I heard hail start to hit the roof. “Yep, time to go.” I answered my own question. After putting the chinchilla in her travel carrier and wrangling our two puggles, we headed down the basement stairs.

As we got to the bottom of the stairs, we looked out the basement windows and all we could see was white. Suddenly we were standing in pitch blackness as the power went off and at the same time, all hell was breaking loose outside. Of course we were away from the windows, but we could…

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Sweet Potato and Cranberry Hash | Sweet Sugar & Spice

Sweet Potato and Cranberry Hash 3 sweet potatoes, about 2 lb. total 3 Tbps. non-dairy butter such as Smart Balance (can be found easily at most stores.) 1 Fuji apple, peeled, cored and cut into 1/2-inch cubes 1/2 C. sliced green onion 1 C. cranberries, Sweet Potato and Cranberry Hash

Source: Sweet Potato and Cranberry Hash | Sweet Sugar & Spice