FullSizeRenderI was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1972. My family moved to Charlotte, NC when I was a kid and I have lived in and around the Queen City since.

I graduated from UNC Charlotte with a BA in Religious History with an emphasis in early Christian origins. I have spent my adult life as a philosophical thinker and avid student of the academic side of Christian origins. My interest in philosophy has led me to observing human behavior, especially as it relates to personal fulfillment and achieving success.

By profession I am a former member of the PGA of America, although I am no longer working in the golf business.  I enjoyed 23 wonderful years as a club pro and playing professionally.  I managed both private and public golf courses in the greater Charlotte area.

I began experiencing MS symptoms in 2007 and although multiple sclerosis affects my life is does not dictate my life!  I enjoy working as a Movement Ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, public speaking and raising awareness for an MS cure.

I founded the Dream Big, Dream Often community to assist in helping others realize their potential and reach their goals.

I currently reside in Pineville, NC with my beautiful wife, Evelina, and our dog, Bentley.

I hope you enjoy my writing and find a little inspiration and motivation to make your Dreams come true!


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    • Thank you kindly for the mention on your page!! I am honored that you would think of me. I have added your blog URL to my Reader that way I get your new posts directly and will follow!

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  2. I will spread the word about movement ambassadors. I teach Qigong and Tai Chi. I have a student with MS as well as a student with Parkinsons. One with a loose joint condition. They all find the exercises accessible and beneficial. I would like to connect with the MS Society and collaborate.

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  3. Welcome to following me, this will be a great journey together with other followers “Christians” together and unite together. It’s a cruel cruel world out there. MS is hard, and I pray for your physical strength. I feel your pain. Keep strong God is on your side!

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  6. Hello! I don’t know if I am remembered or not, but I hope so! A lot has changed and after taking a step back from my old blog I realized a new year, a new me, more passion…and that I just needed a fresh start. It is really difficult when you know in your heart you need to have a fresh start but that means not all your followers come with you. Starting over my followers are back to being low…meaning my voice isn’t as heard. I want my voice to be heard. I want to spread natural things. Inspiration. I want to make a difference!

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  7. Hello Danny

    Thanks for the follow! How have you been and how’s your blog doing?
    I don’t know if you know that I moved my blog to a self-hosted platform. This has prevented me from connecting with WordPress bloggers like I used to. I would still like to remain in contact with your blog. Do you have an RSS feed I can subscribe to?
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    Finally, here’s a blog I thought you may find interesting:
    The Ripple Effect of Blogging

    Best regards,
    Founder of Healthy Living

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  8. Did not know you had MS. So you know some of my challenges! Even though a muscle disease and MS are different, the loss of things we used to be able to do I am sure is very similar. Striving to stay positive through it all, help others, and be an advocate is really awesome.

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