FullSizeRenderI was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  My family moved to Charlotte, NC when I was a kid and I have lived in and around the Queen City since.

I attended UNC Charlotte as a mathematics student eventually graduating with a BA in Religious History with an emphasis in early Christian origins.

I started Dream Big, Dream Often as a way for me to get the crazy thoughts out of my head, a form of therapy.  Sometimes I ramble.  Sometimes I vent.  Sometimes I take time off.  Ultimately I hope something I write helps someone who needs to read the words or see that there are others out in the world struggling too; that they are not alone.

So, I hope you enjoy my writing and find a little inspiration on your journey.



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    1. Thank you kindly for the mention on your page!! I am honored that you would think of me. I have added your blog URL to my Reader that way I get your new posts directly and will follow!

  1. I will spread the word about movement ambassadors. I teach Qigong and Tai Chi. I have a student with MS as well as a student with Parkinsons. One with a loose joint condition. They all find the exercises accessible and beneficial. I would like to connect with the MS Society and collaborate.

  2. Welcome to following me, this will be a great journey together with other followers “Christians” together and unite together. It’s a cruel cruel world out there. MS is hard, and I pray for your physical strength. I feel your pain. Keep strong God is on your side!

  3. Just read your biography. I knew from your posts and comments that you were a “neat” guy, but after reading your bio, I have proof. Thanks for letting us share your experience.

  4. Hello! I don’t know if I am remembered or not, but I hope so! A lot has changed and after taking a step back from my old blog I realized a new year, a new me, more passion…and that I just needed a fresh start. It is really difficult when you know in your heart you need to have a fresh start but that means not all your followers come with you. Starting over my followers are back to being low…meaning my voice isn’t as heard. I want my voice to be heard. I want to spread natural things. Inspiration. I want to make a difference!

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  5. Hello Danny

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  6. Did not know you had MS. So you know some of my challenges! Even though a muscle disease and MS are different, the loss of things we used to be able to do I am sure is very similar. Striving to stay positive through it all, help others, and be an advocate is really awesome.

      1. The Society has them. I have held a lot of speaking engagements for them. Colleges, corporations, other civic groups, etc. I have a few videos on my Youtube channel also.

  7. Nice blog! By “helping others realize their potential and reach their goals”…what specifically do you mean? Blogging-wise? Or life in general? Or something else?

    1. I attempt to live by example. I started Dream Big as a way to challenge myself and display my journey for others to watch. I define the statement you quoted as being completely relative to the individual. Reaching any goal requires the same formula: determination, a plan, committed effort, etc. What are your thoughts?

      1. Well, as for me…my role model is Bill Nye the Science Guy, so my goals are pretty lofty. But I’m starting out by buying a custom domain name for my blog, probably something like Can I ask you—what do you think of it? What would you expect to find on such a blog? I’m trying to get my brand going right…
        Also…thanks so much for the follow!

      2. No problem. I work for the largest media group in the world and I work in their online marketing division. My one bit of advice is keep the URL a little shorter. I just checked GoDaddy and there are tons of URLs available like or the like. Keep in mind you want your URL to be close to what people are searching for. Also, do yourself a favor and by URLs which are the misspelled options of your domain and attach them to your site. For instance, if you use scienceexplained….also buy sciencexplained.

      3. As for topics, I could see informative videos doing really well. Ideas for helping kids come up with science projects, why does my car get hotter than the outside temps in the summer, myth busting….those types of things get huge views online.

      4. Hmmmm…thanks for your input. Any suggestions for what to call a blog that’s primarily written content explaining astronomical and chemical phenomena? Those are my two major topics, along with global warming, and the idea is to translate the jargon-filled, highly academic language of science to something the majority of the public can more easily reach and understand.

      5. I would keep the URL and blog name simple and using the word Science in it. Like “Science Talk” or “Science Made Simple” or something along those line. Remember to keep things simple like teaching a 5th grade class, not adults.

      6. Thanks! I’ll think it over. Writing for a 5th grade audience wouldn’t make adults feel like I’m talking down to them? I want to reach them too, not just the kids.

      7. Most adults think like 5th graders. Sad but true. You must cater your voice to the masses. Most people don’t understand science therefore you have to keep it simple.

  8. I think a positive outlook is so important and you certainly seem to have one. I know 2 people with MS and they are up and down in their health but mostly positive. It is, as you say, elsewhere a CAN DO attitude that helps. PS I am unable to like any of your posts for some reason and this is the only place I could find to comment.Thank you for visiting and reblogging.

  9. Hey Danny..
    Just checking in with you..

    I have been a distant of recent..
    And I have missed your blogs..

    Hope health wise you are doing good… and things have improved some..

    Still remember your kindness in my time of need..
    I’m back on track and hoping to stay this way for a while..

    So I will be checking back in on your posts…

    See ya 👋


    1. Hello Nita! I haven’t been as active as in the past due to some continuing health issues. It is awesome to hear from you and wish you well!

      1. Oooh 😯 you haven’t.. I was trying to find your latest video…

        So sorry 😐 that your health is affecting your broadcasting…

        But I do understand.. seeing that I do have a similar condition myself…

        Wishing you more good days than bad…

  10. North Carolina! I stay in the home of a writer friend and his wife in New Bern back in 2008. It’s a very pretty place. My friends took me to many places around North Carolina but couldn’t tell you where. Is there a big aquarium there? I remember having my photo taken in the mouth of a cement crocodile/aligator.

  11. Long time no email, Danny!

    My blogging life has slowed, but isn’t abandoned.
    I’m glad to see you’re keeping at it *with* abandon!

    I agree with you (from your June video-post) on how daily pain can drag one down, and how the truths we tell ourselves can help.

    Wish you well,
    Kath H.

    P.S. Your ‘Contact Me’ feature isn’t working — doesn’t accept when i put in my URL.

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