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Snow isn’t foreign to North Carolina.  It is such a peaceful and beautiful scene here in the Queen City.

A Big Announcement Coming In 2018

DreamBig 2018

I have something I will be talking about in 2018 that is incredibly personal; probably more personal than any topic I’ve ever discussed on my page.  It relates to something that has revealed itself in my therapy and I’m not even sure how I’m going to tackle it.  I know it is a big deal for me based solely on the fact that I have found myself reluctant to even discuss it at all and, based on the fact that I talk more openly on Dream Big than anywhere else in my life,  I have major reservations.

I have cried more this past week than I have over any one thing.  It has rocked me to my core and has created a lot of uncertainty in my spirit and mind; honestly I feel myself going into a bit of depression.  The only reason I don’t start writing about it now is I don’t think I am through the “processing” aspect of the realization.  In time I’ll begin writing about it and I can see Dream Big taking a slight turn in focus for quite some time.

For now I’m going to leave it alone, I simply wanted to let everyone know what is going on and what is in store for the future.  I hope all of you have a great New Year and a productive beginning to 2018!!

Your friend,


Danny’s World: Disney’s Right Around the Corner!

DannyIn one week Evelina and I will be putting the final touches on packing and getting ready to head to Florida for her birthday Disney trip.  To say we are excited is an understatement!  For me the holiday will be well earned as I have busted my tail to hit some of my goals before the end of the year.

For those of you who might be new to Dream Big, Evelina is from Poland and dreamed of going to Disney since she was a little girl.  So in 2012 I proposed to her in the rose garden (no longer exists) at Magic Kingdom beside the castle during the fireworks show.  It was incredible.  We then honeymooned at Disney, spent our first anniversary at Disney and family vacation at Disney.  We are a Disney family to say the least.

It will be nice to get away for an extended time and I cannot wait!!


Danny’s World: Medicine Can Be Scary

DannyToday I have an appointment with a big client so I’ll be getting ready for that.  On an unrelated note I had a really bad reaction to a medication last week that was scary.  While I was driving home from an appointment I developed a shaky eye that wouldn’t focus properly.   The issue lasted for about 5 minutes and then went away.

My doctor has now called in a new medication to help me with a little anxiety issue I’ve developed due to the MS.  It is funny that a lot of the people I know who live with MS develop anxiety issues.  I guess it has to do with the sensitivity to noisy environments and/or the stress of constantly being in pain.

At any rate I’ll start the new medication today.

Danny’s World: My Neighbors Own a Herd of Elephants

DannyEvelina and I live in a town home community and have now for nearly 3 years.  It is a quiet neighborhood with mostly quiet people.  The homes are well-built and sound proofed to keep each home from hearing the neighbors, vacuum, argue, hanging pictures, etc.  Apparently what the builders didn’t plan for was elephants.

We have new neighbors who moved in around 11 months ago.  Until now we have never heard a peep from the people next door; not…a…peep.  But now everything has changed.  As most of you now I am an early riser, waking at 5:30 every morning.  My usual routine is to get up and go downstairs, make coffee and then sit on the couch with my laptop preparing for the day.

And every morning as I sit and prepare it happens.  At 6:15 am every morning I hear what I can only guess to be a herd of elephants running up and down the stairs.  Keep in mind our neighbors do not have children which makes this event strange to me.  Up and down the stairs, over and over and over and over.  Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump…loud enough that I can hear the sound of every footstep ascending 22 stairs.

I wonder why in the world an adult stomps up and down the stairs for any reason ever, much less at 6:15 am?  Why can you not walk like a normal person?  Why do you need to stomp?   I don’t want to have to say something to them, but my curiosity is beginning to get the best of me.  I have to know.

After all I wouldn’t want to mistakenly accuse them of stomping up and down the stairs when in fact it is an actual herd of elephants.  You never know.

Danny’s World: This Weekend Should Be Fun

Danny's iphone 1805This weekend should be fun because I think I am going to play some golf.  The temps in Charlotte have been comfortable so I shouldn’t have issues with fatigue.  Also, fall brings with it less humidity and for that I am grateful.  I’ll try to remember to take pics for the blog.

On another note my fantasy football team lost last week by the slimmest margin I have ever seen: 139.18 to 139.19!!  One, one-hundredth of a point.  I’ve never seen a margin that low.  I would rather lose by 40 than by .01.

I have an old friend coming into town on Sunday and we are going to find a place to watch some football.  It has been quite a few years since I went out to watch a game so it should be fun to catch up.

Got any big plans this weekend?  I’d love to hear about them!

Danny’s World: Irma Is Now Only a Storm

Image result for irma

I hope everyone is safe following Irma moving through Florida.  The hurricane is now a storm and is dropping rain in Georgia so I guess the worst is over.  Now it is time to count our fingers and toes and account for friends and family.  The power of nature is humbling.

Danny’s World: I Am Still In Shock


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Galen, Clarke, Wendell, Ghe, Roger and Vinny (owner) and me at Corsairs in 2011

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Picture of Corsairs this morning

Now that I have received word that everyone I know from Jost is safe, I am left with the feeling of sadness.  When Andrew hit in 1992 it took the islands 4 years to recover.  Irma has resulted in 10 times the damage.

And yes that is a Jeep and a boat in the main dining area.