Dreams Can Be Goals, But Not All Goals Are Dreams

dream-big2I believe having goals and having dreams are two separate things.  Dreams can be goals, but not all goals are dreams.  For instance, a dream can be to one day live at the ocean and this can also be a goal.  But a  goal could also be to earn a six figure income, but that doesn’t necessarily mean six figures is a dream.  It is easy, however, to see how the six figure income could be a vital part of eventually fulfilling the dream of living at the ocean.

I don’t encounter many adults whose dreams are still alive, who are also actively working and living toward those dreams.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe people have dreams they just don’t talk about them?  Maybe they once had dreams, but somewhere along the line they stopped aiming their life at those dreams.

Do you have active dreams to which your life is solely focused?

Some People Enjoy Conflict, But I Do Not

images (10)Conflict is never easy.  And the fact that no person is perfect means we all will deal with conflict at some point in our lives.  When conflict is brought to our doorstep by another it can be easier to deal with than when we are the cause of the conflict.  It bothers me incredibly when I know I have caused someone I love pain or disappointment, but it is part of life and we must accept responsibility, apologize and move forward; attempting to do our best to not repeat the offense.

Some people enjoy conflict, but I do not.  I don’t like anything about it.  I don’t like to argue.  I find drama to be deplorable.  I do not thrive on conflict.

People Will Try To Crap On Your Dreams; Don’t Let Them

When I first started blogging I had no clue what I was doing or what blogging was all about.  What I did know was that I wanted to make a difference.   I wanted to spread my net far and wide and have thousands of people read my page.   I set my goals based on follower numbers, primarily setting my aim on the types of numbers that a few other big blogs had-Harsh Reality, Don Charisma and The Public Blogger.


These blogs had tens of thousands of followers and I wanted to be in their league.  I remember telling a few guys I know about my vision and they said I shouldn’t expect much because most blogs fail and very few ever get more than a few hundred followers. I actually had other bloggers tell me the same thing.  They never said I was crazy to think big, but I could tell from their tone that they thought I was a newbie speaking like a newbie.  Basically they were saying, “Good luck, but it’s probably not going to happen.”

What’s my point?  I am exactly where I had hoped I would be at this point.  Don’t allow what others say to deter you from your vision.  Don’t let other people’s negativity  limit you. Don’t allow yourself to live in the box others build for you.

Visionaries are deemed to be crazy by “normal” people.  Don’t settle.

Sometimes You Gotta Put Your Head Down and Work Hard(er)

I am a hard worker.  By this I mean that I develop a plan, analyze my progress, challenge myself daily and put the time in; basically I show up every day to succeed.  I know not everyone does this because I watch people’s actions.

Living in the world of sales and marketing affords me the opportunity to watch a lot of business people and compare and contrast.  Living in the world of sales also allows me to watch other sales people and compare and contrast what I do against what they do.  I have learned that if you aren’t doing it, then one of your competitors is doing it; so get busy!

Image result for how many everest attempt have been made

I see a lot of mediocre habits.  I watch people go through the motions every day.  I hear people talk as if they want to be the best, but then watch their actions say otherwise.

Hard work.

I’m not so sure people these days want to work hard.  I’m not sure people in our age understand what working diligently means.  I am convinced that people have tricked themselves into believing they are doing their best when in fact they are operating at 60%.

The vast majority are coasting; flying under the radar.  They live in a world below the top 10%, but above the bottom dwelling 10%.  Flying under the radar isn’t a compliment. It means you put effort into not being noticed; going undetected.  Those living in the world of the 80% do so because they are comfortable there.  The expectations are lower when you live in the middle.

The funny thing is those who live in the top 10% never think about it because they are too busy working.  And most times those who think they are a top producer are not and make excuses.   Those who say “I’m an asset to the company” or “they couldn’t run this place without me” are the ones who have tricked themselves into believing they are a top producer when in fact they are not.

They are living in the realm of “good enough”.  I’m not sure what “good enough” is, but it isn’t okay with me.

The real question is where do you stand?  Have you tricked yourself into believing you are functioning optimally when in fact you are coasting at about 60% efficiency?

Grab the Reigns

Barring tragedies out of your control, you determine the course of your life.  Challenging yourself, expecting more, working hard and setting lofty goals can help you reach higher heights than will sitting around settling and justifying a mediocre existence.  When you realize this and grab the reigns you will instantly swing the odds in your favor.

What Makes You Think You’re So Different Than Everyone Else?

dream-big-printWhat is it that defines you?  What sets you apart?  I am often perplexed when people cannot answer the simplest of questions about themselves, yet can speak at length about the latest fashion trend or political drama.

I wonder why people struggle answering these questions.  Why is it that we can be so entranced by the goings-on in the world and so disconnected with ourselves?  We are familiar with every character on television, but we don’t know ourselves.  Many would rather spend countless hours surrounded by the noise of the world, than spend 1 hour alone with themselves.

Do you know who you are?  Do you know what makes you unique?  And I’m not talking about generic answers, but detailed, introspective revelations.  What makes you, you?  What makes you think you are so different than everyone else?  The fact that you are unique is not in question for no two humans are alike.  But do you own the facts of what makes you different than any other human on the planet?

Could it be that it is time for you to spend so time with yourself?

Is It Time You Challenged Your Beliefs?

I think a lot.

One of the things I like most about the marketing industry is I am able to speak to and watch businesses thrive or die.  This is important for my job because it allows me to watch the actions of business owners which brings about the death of that business, which I can then take and use to help my current clients.  If I can help them avoid the pitfalls I witness in others then I have done my job.



And then of course I am able to look at the parallels of business owners and life in general. One of the mentalities I have observed that almost all of my thriving business owners possess is the willingness to challenge their own beliefs.  They are quick to recognize that they do not know everything and are slow to make assumptions.  They are willing to consider the possibility that they could be wrong or their thinking could be flawed.  And because of this mentality they are able to make decisions which take into consideration many angles and many perspectives.  To assume you know is death.   I was once told by a successful Charlotte business man that the most important question I could ever constantly ask myself is “Could I be wrong?”

I get a lot of comments each week and I get even more emails about posts I create; especially those relating to positive thinking.  I find it ironic that those who express opinions contrary to mine on being more positive are themselves somewhat negative people; and I know this because they tell me they are.  I also know this because positive people generally agree with my view, therefore it is a safe assumption that someone arguing against one of my posts is by default more inclined to negativity or less likely to be a positive thinker.

So I want to lay down a challenge for my readers.

My thinking goes this route: if you are opposed to more positive inclinations (meaning you are reading this and already beginning to construct your anti-comment), is it possible that your reluctance to begin developing a more positive attitude is contributing negatively to your life?  Are you willing to challenge your own beliefs?  Are you willing to consider that you could be wrong?  Are you willing to consider for a moment that your mental inclination does in fact have a profound impact on your life?

For those of you who do not believe in the power and benefits of a positive outlook I am here to inform you there is hope.  I was once just like you.  I was once an incredibly negative person and still battle complaining, getting pissed off at the simplest of things and seeing life through a negative lens.  I was the realist.  I was the naysayer.  I did not believe.  I was a procrastinator.  And I definitely did not buy the belief that I could change my life by simply seeing the world through rose-colored glasses…and I was wrong.

One day about three years ago it dawned on me that I had to make a change.  I looked at my life and what I had achieved and realized if I wanted more, then I had to figure out what was going wrong.  I wasn’t happy in my profession.  I felt like an underachiever compared to my own expectations.  And my research on habits led me to realize that I had created the box in which I felt trapped.  I had created my own mental cage.

The only way I could escape this cage was to go through a revolution of the mind; a coup d’etat if you will.  It was at this time that I began researching the habits of successful people and began to insert these habits into my life.  I began to take better care of my body.  I began to read more history.  I stopped watching television.  I started learning how to become a better listener.  I stopped eating too much junk food.  I started something new and exciting (this blog!!).  In short, I completely revamped my existence and in turn I completely reshaped my view of the world.

Image result for thumb hit with hammerNone of this would have been possible if I had allowed myself to assume I had it all figured out; if I allowed myself to remain in that same old broken mindset.  I can tell from the comments I get that many of you are in the same boat I was in 3 years ago.  I hope some of you take a long hard look at yourself and challenge your thinking.  I mean take a long hard look at yourself, your thinking, and then ask yourself what has your mentality produced in your life.  If the answer is disappointment, failed relationships, hardship, unhappiness, loneliness, financial hardship, etc. then isn’t it about time you challenge your current belief system and adopt one that begins to produce better results?  If you continue to hit your thumb with a hammer and it hurts and bleeds, why would you continue to hit your thumb over and over and over and over?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to stop hitting your thumb?

Challenge your thinking.  Weigh the results you’ve gotten thus far compared to your mindset.  If you like the results then keep on keeping on.  If you don’t, then maybe it is time for your own mental revolution.  Remember this, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten.  If you want something different, then you will have to do something different.

Just something to think about on a Friday morning.

A Story of A Young Man Named Edwin C Barnes

The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail…Napoleon Hill.

For those who are not familiar, Napoleon Hill wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich which was first introduced to me by my friend Billy. In that book is a story of a young man named Edwin C. Barnes that wanted to meet Thomas Edison. He jumped a train as a stowaway and showed up on Edison’s porch with nothing, dressed like a hobo. When Edison answered he stated he was there to offer Edison the opportunity to be his business partner. All of Edison’s employees laughed, but not Edison. He gave Barnes a job sweeping floors, a job he proudly performed for 2 years.

downloadEventually, he asked for an opportunity that none of the salesmen wanted, selling what would become known as the Ediphone. Edwin C. Barnes developed a plan to market the monstrosity and made himself and Edison millionaires. He was successful because he knew what he wanted to accomplish, he determined what he was willing to sacrifice to achieve it, he envisioned success, developed a plan, was undeterred by criticism and failure, he found a way to make others successful, was committed to working hard and maintained a determination to succeed.

For those of you who are struggling to find yourself or finding the success you believe you are capable, I highly recommend you go buy this book and read it, eat it, drink it, live it, own it. It will change your life.

Why You Should Never, Ever Settle For Less

1903photo-small.jpgAs I walked Bentley the other night I saw a lot of airplanes in the sky and I thought to myself how busy the airport must be on a Friday night. That got me to thinking about how far air travel has come in the last 40 years and the fact that the early flight visionaries were told air travel would never become common place. After all it is simply not practical. Ford was told he would never invent the 8 cylinder engine. Some said we would never travel to space.

We are surrounded by things which are common, everyday occurrences to us that at some time in the past were considered inconceivable. They are proof to me that I can expect more from myself and I can expect more for my life than others expect for themselves. Jobs was told he was foolish to invest so much into a mobile phone, after all, “who’s gonna carry a phone with them every where they go?”

 “No one is gonna drink bottled water when you can get it free from the tap.”

“Who in their right mind is gonna drive to swamp land in the middle of Florida to ride carnival rides?”

Visionaries see things differently. They don’t see the obstacles and they don’t listen to the naysayers. They dream big dreams and live big lives free of the finiteness of the human mind. They see a different reality and they believe in that reality before they can actually touch and feel it.  They are proof that you should never, ever settle for less.

I choose to give my energy to the reality I design for myself. I choose to stick to my vision of what I want not based on the limited vision of others and their expectations of me.

Why settle for less-than when you can set your eyes on achieving greatness?