Nelly the Elephant…


Oh hello.
Come in, sit down, take the weight off.
Don’t mind me I’m a bit busy.
Packing, yes.
Oh, where are we going?
To the land of Nelly the Elephant.
Yes really.
What? No, we’re not off to the Serengeti!
I see how you got confused though, my fault – sorry.
By ‘Nelly the Elephant ‘ I meant Trump, Trump, Trump.
Yes, that’s it Donald J and his clan.
Well, I know, it is a bit crass insulting our closest ally like that, but hey perhaps I’ll lob a few bricks in the luggage to contribute to the wall.
No I’m not worried.
What’s the worst that can happen now Donny has his tiny *donnies* on the nuclear on/off switch. I mean old Kim Il wotsisface is only just able to lob missiles over Japan so I doubt he’ll manage to get one in the heart of…

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Sunrise Sermon: Be Extraordinary

One of my favorite sayings is The struggle is real. I sorta smirk every time I hear it or see it as a hashtag. I just want to say, Duh, did you think it was fake, phony, or fictional? Of course it’s real. Everyone struggles from time to time, and that’s to be expected. Take a look at what scripture tells us.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. ~Romans 8:18

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. ~James 1:12

My suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees. ~ Psalm 119:71

When you look at all three of these verses…

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I want new flags! South American Quest…

Cyranny's cove

Good Monday Lovelies!

I hope all of you had a great weekend, and that you are ready for a new week… I know I am, and being off from work for a few days, it gives me a chance to get catch up with a couple of things, which include my flag collection!

I’ve given you a break lately, but that doesn’t mean that I have lost my interest in them. Au contraire 🙂

For those of you who are newer in The Cove, I have long promised myself I would no longer set myself stressing goals, statistics-wise. It’s too easy to get overexcited when numbers skyrocket, and depressed when people just won’t visit your site.

Instead, I decided to focus on flags. I’d really really like to get at least a reading from every country on the map! And so far, my collection is doing pretty well…


Last time…

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Today’s Featured Blog…Books, Books and More Books!!

Books, Books and More Books!

Little Secrets


A town reeling in the wake of tragedy

An arsonist is on the loose in Colmstock, Australia, most recently burning down the town’s courthouse and killing a young boy who was trapped inside..

An aspiring journalist desperate for a story

The clock is ticking for Rose Blakey. With nothing but rejections from newspapers piling up, her job pulling beers for cops at the local tavern isn’t nearly enough to cover rent. Rose needs a story-a big one.

Little dolls full of secrets

In the weeks after the courthouse fire, precise porcelain replicas of Colmstock’s daughters begin turning up on doorsteps, terrifying parents and testing the limits of the town’s already fractured police force.

Rose may have finally found her story. But as her articles gain traction and the boundaries of her investigation blur, Colmstock is seized by a seething paranoia. Soon, no one is safe from suspicion. And when…

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Daily Post/Ascend



The QUEEN was worthy of a blog ALL of her own! This is my favorite “ASCEND” quote, also a topic broken down during POWERFUL fellowship over the last few weeks. I’m guilty of allowing distractions to alter my path after becoming fruitful in certain areas of my life. As Pastor Moore mentioned, this is possible when we are still tossing out fishing nets and haven’t completely figured out who WE are! The same God I prayed to that created the miracles experienced in my life today, is the exact same God I need to continue to praise after the pressures of life slow their course.

quote-i-find-it-interesting-that-the-meanest-life-the-poorest-existence-is-attributed-to-god-s-will-maya-angelou-337305 (1)

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Today’s Featured Blog…Adaletey Paul Jnr!!

Adaletey Paul Jnr

What scares you to the core just by imagining it? What in life are you doubtful about? What in life beats your imagination of attaining? What boundaries have you set for your self.

The creator of our lives did not create us to live in fear that is why he gave us the instinct of curiosity to ride is to the very top of our exploits.

Human life has evolved over the years due to the rate at which other humans capitalised on thier curiosity to bring the world this far.

Don’t accept to live a normal life, Don’t fight to make a living but fight to make a legacy and a difference. Then and only then can you live beyond your fear.

Crush and trash fear and you would live a mark on earth to live beyond the sands of time.

Thank you for reading.

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My Week 159: Weird Service Calls, Thanksgiving Throwback


Last week, when the temperature suddenly plunged to around 8 degrees Celsius (about 45 Fahrenheit for anyone still using the Imperial system), I wanted to put our gas fireplace on, but it wouldn’t start. I did what I normally do, which was to utilize my incredible fireplace knowledge. In other words, I removed the screen, opened up the door at the bottom, and wiggled the wires. Nothing happened. I said to Ken, “I thought you had this thing fixed in April. Why won’t it work?” When we looked closer, we realized that one of the wires was loose. It looked all shock-y and dangerous, and Ken, who can normally do electrical work, plumbing, carpentry or generally anything trades-related, didn’t want to touch in on the grounds that “it looks weird”. So he called the fireplace people and on Friday, I had a visit from the fireplace repair guy (the actual…

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The Man I Married

Reclaiming HOPE

Wedding Photo

To have and to hold…in sickness and in health…for as long as we both shall live.

I’m sure when my husband spoke those words nineteen years ago he had no idea he’d have to deal with the “in sickness” part of it so early in our life together. We were both active-duty military, both strong-bodied and strong-willed.

Fast-forward about fourteen years, and everything started going haywire. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it was almost a relief. After a couple of years of worrisome symptoms and no answers, it was good to finally put a name to what was wrong with me. For about six months I was extremely ill and barely left the house, but he never once wavered in his commitment to me and to our marriage.

I’m happy to report that I’ve learned the things that help me live a fairly normal life now, but I still…

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