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6 Great Mental Health Links!

I am really digging the mental health posts I’ve been reading. I am learning a lot about mental health and illnesses. I have several of my blog friends that live with mental illnesses and it is time to start educating the masses!

Psych Circus

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Stowaway – prompt for Sunday Photo Fiction

Introducing Stowaway astory by Teresa Dean Smeigh!

Tessa Dean - Author and Blogger

Ship at dock Ship at dock

Stowaway written by Teresa Dean Smeigh copyright August 2015

Mary listened to the sounds around her. She heard the engines slowing down. She adjusted her gown. She wanted this meeting to be perfect.

She was finding it hard to remain in this cramped box, but she had to wait until the party started or she would be found out. Just then there was a thump on the box.

She heard voices. “Hey Mac, how about giving me a hand with this container. I can’t carry it myself?”

“Alright give me a chance to finish my cigarette.”

She felt the weight lift off the lid of the box. She experimentally tried pushing on the lid and it gave her no resistance. Just then the music started. The party was underway. Mary lifted the lid a bit and peeked out. No one was in sight and she quickly climbed…

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New Indie Author: Kristy Bates

Meet Lani’s Book Reviews and More!

Lani's Book Reviews & More

Love Never Fails by Kristy Bates

In the four years since Rebecca’s abuse had started, she had become so disenchanted by the abusive situation that she was forced to live in at home that she had runaway from home, tried to commit suicide and told every one of authority that would listen and each and every one of them had turned their backs on her and had offered her no help. The summer after she turned fourteen, she found a stranger that did listen and spent the summer with him and his friends finally feeling that she belonged to part of a family. One that made her feel loved and like she belonged with them. At the end of that summer she was forced to make a very grown up decision. Once the decision was made and they were gone, she realized that she was wrong. It would be after years had passed and she had…

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True Confidence Takes Much More Confidence

What defines confidence?? Well read this post and found out…


I have always regarded physical confidence as true confidence.  A person who express his or her ideas without fear, speaks freely in front of a large audience (without shaking hands and shaking voice), and communicates to others easily, was an ideal example of confidence for me. What other definition of confidence is there, right??? Well, let’s see what else in there that defines confidence.


I didn’t knew that a shy person can be confident too. Well, I didn’t till someone told me that. It happened like this.

I was sitting outside my department with my friends. While we were talking, I took out my lunch box from my bag. My lunch typically consists of an omelette sandwich (I think that day I had this lunch). I took out the sandwich and began eating it. My friend, I saw, was observing me keenly. Her face was showing that she was amazed…

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#Bloggers let’s share our achievments Part 2

Share your achievements!

Ally Ballys Blog

Here is my second achievment of today. Even more so because it’s literally plus 1! Thank you people!

Sharing Blog Success is a great way of gaining blog exposure and creating encouragement amongst the blogging community.

I ask that you Reblog this post, share and celebrate any success (no matter how big or small) that you have had with your own blog. If we can all do this, while sharing and reblogging each other’s, imagine the excitement, encouragement and exposure amongst us all.

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An Unexpected Reunion (Between Breath & Suffocation Sec. 13)

I love how this writing flows. I wish I had this type of talent!!


Aunt Mary came back two weeks after Grandma Betty’s funeral when the cupboards were almost bare. We had eaten the last package of beans; we had run out of bread, flour, cornmeal, milk, all the essentials. And for a week our meals came only from the garden. We made every kind of soup we could think of: butternut squash soup, carrot and cabbage soup, each with a little potato, onion, and tomatoes. When Aunt Mary arrived she didn’t say anything. She parked, popped her trunk, and grabbed a grocery bag. She nodded in our direction, sign language for “grab a bag,” so we did.
“Why didn’t you come pick us up for the funeral?” I asked, putting a grocery bag on the table. I stared at the side of her face, waiting for an answer.
“Come on, Juni.” Sage pulled my arm and said, “Don’t worry about it. We already…

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Dear Corporate America

A Journey With You writes a great letter to corporate America about mental illness. Well done!

A Journey With You

Dear Corporate America,

I am writing to you to inform you of my desire to work for your company. Let’s get one thing out of the way first, I have a mental illness. Why do I think you should hire someone with a mental illness? You say that you like people who can think outside of the box and that is a strength you are looking for. Well, those of us with a mental illness can easily and quite naturally think outside of the box. In fact, some of us have even experienced different realities and may be able to put a twist or a spin on that problem you are having that you never even imagined.

You mention that you value creativity. Most people with a mental illness are creative in one form or another. They haven’t proven it yet, but there have been several studies conducted trying to…

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