Fitness Is Not A Size

Seeking A Life Full Of Laughter discusses women’s athletics. This is a great article!! CLICK and READ!!

Seeking a Life Full of Laughter


I get into a lot of conversations with my sisters and female friends about what it means to be an athlete, to be fit, and more importantly, to be a woman who doesn’t fit the idealized view of fitness. Open up any running magazine, look at any fitness apparel websites, or look at the posters in your local gym and you will soon realize that we still live in a world where fitness is defined by a size.

Anything less than a Greek god/goddess equals laziness, inactivity, and fat.
10379_10101556321431404_1092576523_nIn fact, I am tired of hearing the word fit and fat being used to describe any women over a size 8. In my world of athletics, I have always been “fat”. My BMI index always indicated that I was overweight, even when I was playing college field hockey and wearing a size 10. We glorify and objectify female athletes, and…

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Fun Land!

Finally a Writer presents a short story!
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Always A Writer

This is a short story for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields “Friday Fictioneers” which is a 100 word fiction piece on the photo promt.



PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

Fun Land is so much better on sunny days, but the kids were having fun throwing snowballs and riding the rides that were offered.

There was a souvenir booth and Rodney and Randy were headed there. They had money and wanted to spend it.

To get over there they had to pass the rails where the little train ran. They were so busy throwing snowballs as they ran, they didn’t notice the train until it hit them. They didn’t hear the screams.

The parents hadn’t accompanied them and the teachers had to inform the parents of the accident. Both dead!


This is my first fiction piece in quite a while and I am not exactly happy with it, but with…

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Daily Recap

Today has been wonderful.  And all of the comments have encouraged me greatly!

Tomorrow I have a full day with a doctor’s appointment for my knee.  It seems that somewhere along the line I have sustained an injury and must have it checked out.  Hopefully nothing major.  I will report back to everyone when I find out the diagnosis;

must have been all the mountain climbing on vacation in Florida.

On to more important matters.  Starting tomorrow I will be hosting a Meet n Greet which will run through the end of business Sunday night.  As you all know we close the shop at 9:00 pm on Sundays so make sure to have all your meeting and all your greeting done before then because once the clock strikes 9:00pm…you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here! lol

As I have promised I will also start reblogging in the morning and continue through Sunday as well.  I have disabled comments on this post as any time I mention Meet n Greet people get premature jocularity and start dropping links everywhere!

My series on Habits of Successful People will pick back up on Monday morning as well.  Until then, I hope everyone has a productive, relaxation, exhilarating, power-packed and fun weekend!  Enjoy!


no such thing as a moral fact

Another perspective on morality…


If children are taught from a very early age, as apparently many are, that facts are tested and proven and opinions are feelings or beliefs, then they don’t learn that morals – not tested, nor proven – are not just feelings, that morals can be facts. That it’s not ok to kill someone or discriminate is not proved, is not an opinion, is a moral fact. I can imagine living with one or two people who believe this – they can be contradicted and quelled – but a generation? Please no.

Justin McBrayer on morals:

When I went to visit my son’s second grade open house, I found a troubling pair of signs hanging over the bulletin board. They read:

Fact: Something that is true about a subject and can be tested or proven.

Opinion: What someone thinks, feels, or believes.


In summary, our public schools teach students that all claims are either facts or…

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Morality is the defence of the weak

RESHMAELIZABETHTHOMASS provides another view on morality!


Morality is the defense of the weak

“The devil can site scripture for this purpose”

Hasn’t the devil been known to defend his evil sometimes by quoting the scriptures?

Morality was made for man, not man for morality. Yes the basic idea of morality in human life is to live a life without harming or discriminating others in the society especially the weaker sections. Morality can only play as a tool to defend them and make the public aware, the distinction between right and wrong.

Now let’s switch our clock back to our school days, where we used to have a class named Moral Science. Right from the age we are young our parents, teachers, teach us to think on the basis of morality.

India is an ancient society and Indian civilization has a long history. But our society is marred by many social evils. Taking the example of woman…

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The Brighter Side of A Refugee Camp: A Volunteering Story

Life Musings gives a great story of helping families, including 25 children, in a refugee camp near his home. I love this story!

Life Musings

I got my first real taste of charity work last week, when two of my friends and I completed a project called Leave a Mark, Lend a Smile | اترك بصمة، عيّدهم بسمة to buy Eid clothes for kids of a Syiran refugee camp in my village.


Two years ago, in the midst of the Syrian war, this refugee camp was set up near my house. With 13 families and over 25 kids, the people there live in small, dark, stuffy tents. It is not a comfortable, nor is a decent, living style.


After raising over $400 from 38 stores and shops in my hometown, we set out shopping. The money was used to buy undergarments and a pair of shoes for each of the kids, in addition to two shirts and pants for each boy; a dress, headband, and hat for each girl.


We arrived at the refugee camp as the people gathered around…

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When To Say You’re Sorry

To conclude the evening I introduce Pause Stress and “When To Say You’re Sorry.” Have enough respect to know when to apologize! Good evening all!!

Pause Stress

On occasion, you lead yourself astray by saying or doing something that is unacceptably hurtful. It is human nature to make mistakes. When is it appropriate to express your regret for upsetting someone’s feelings? Undoubtedly, while you can’t go back and undo or redo the  past, you can take action to repair the harm you caused.

The ideal approach in most situations is to respond in a good positive manner. There are times, though, that you may feel stressed, insecure, overwhelmed, or conflicted and because of this, without realizing you enter into a reactive mode. Unfortunately, in that moment, you speak sharply in a defensive or insulting manner. Your unstable reaction becomes exaggerated and it results in a frustrating aftermath not only for you, but also, for the recipient.

While your intention may not have been to hurt this person on purpose, you recognize that your action nevertheless did hurt or…

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Just One of Those Days

The Logical Dreamer found out a life-truth…Momma always knows best!! Listen to your mother!! lol

The Logical Dreamer


It’s been a very odd week for me.

Usually i’m up early, bouncing off the walls, and ready for anything and everything the world has to throw at me. I’ve got a million and a half things going on at all times and that’s how I like it.

But for the past four days or so I have been completely the opposite. I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic, kind of unmotivated, and just downright lazy at times. It’s almost like the sandman and father time teamed up and are conspiring against my productivity.

But there isn’t really anything specifically that I could think of that is contributing to these feelings. For the most part i’m pretty healthy, work has been great, it’s been 75 degrees for the past week, and I don’t have a girlfriend to yell at me for anything i’m doing wrong. It just doesn’t make any sense right?

So today I…

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Circling the Sun by Paula McLain – NetGalley ARC: To be released early July 2015

A great review of Circling the Sun on Inklings of a Bookworm! Thorough and well written is my review of this review!! Lol

Inklings of a Bookworm

Review by Jo Doran

This review is based on an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) from NetGalley to me:

5I just finished reading Circling the Sun, written by Paula McLain – the author of The Paris Wife. Circling the Sun, published by Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine Books with a release date of early to mid July 2015, is based on the life of Beryl Markham (1902 – 1986). This historical novel begins with Markham’s childhood at age four and continues to when Markham is in her early twenties. This situates McLain’s focus in the book between 1912 to the early 1920s. McLain admits to being “hijacked” by Markham’s life – and I believe her: Circling the Sun is a tremendous book that had me riveted, from beginning to end.

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