Day 200: Tights Can SO Be Pants!

The Year of Something New gives an update on Day 200: her blog reaching a milestone, a day at the beach and music! Oh and a new domain name! enjoy!

The Year of Something New

Today I spent Day 200 doing what I’ve been doing since the beginning of this blog: road tripping to the beach. It may be the middle of winter, we may be experiencing a weather front so cold it’s called the “Antarctic Vortex”, but screw it, the sun was out and I had a whole day free. The beach was calling me. And as you can see from the pics, the Antarctic Vortex was nowhere to be found. It was beautiful. Good decision, me.


Also, today I wore tights as pants for the first time.

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Building Momentum

Each time you make a decision you build a little momentum.  If the action benefits you in some way you add positivity to your life.  If the action is detrimental then you add negativity to your life.  This is why even small, simple decisions are so very powerful and important!


You should desire to add positive momentum to your life.  This means you should be making decisions that will benefit you and your family, not harm.  I call this process building Positive Forward Momentum.  In the example of my healthy lifestyle transformation this principle is demonstrated in linking together multiple days of making good food decisions.  One day becomes one week, becomes one month, becomes a year: Positive Forward Momentum.

It all begins with the changing of one’s mind and the introduction of specific actions to attain a goal.

If for some reason the string of momentum is broken, then simply begin anew and create a new string of momentum.  The important fact is to keep up the work and not quit.

Always have your mind focused on moving forward and think about stringing together several small victories instead of focusing on the larger task at hand: Positive Forward Momentum!

Big Dreamer

A New Chapter

This is a honest post by Transitions in my Life about starting new things and the doubt and fear that comes with the journey!!

Transitions in my Life

You’ve got this dream.
You work hard for it.
You plan.
You wait.
You wait some more.
Okay…you wait a little bit longer.
Finally! It happens!
You have what you wanted but for some reason instead of the insane excitement you thought you would feel you feel scared……

Don’t get me wrong.  I am excited and can’t wait to start this job.  It’s the job I’ve wanted for years.  I think it’s just that evil little creature known as Doubt and his sidekick Fear, creeping into my mind making me question if I can really do this, the job, the move, everything.

Today it hit me the reason I’ve been saying the words “I’m so excited” but thinking “I’m so scared” is because I have some part of my mind that never thought this would really happen.  Despite all my optimism and positive thinking some part of my brain was…

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#Goa – aaah! Feel the difference…

Here is an introduction to Goa. One thing I love about WP is the exposure to cultures different than mine. Enjoy the education…

Goin' the extra..aaamile

1381232015A little about us… We are called Goans…and we are from India’s smallest state, Goa and we are extremely proud of ourselves 🙂 Sorry, if you are not goan or have no connections with us…if you are my friend…or follower on this blog, Well!! be proud of yourself…you know a goan and that’s as close you can get to being associated with Goa…more like a 0.00009% 🙂

now read more if you are curious about us 🙂

# NO – People fom Goa are not Goanese, and neither Goanese is a language. The language is Konkani…and just incase that you don’t know, we laugh behind your back at your attempt of speaking our language…its not the same, its seriously hilarious!!

# NO – We do not live on the beach. Calangute and Anjuna aren’t the only two beaches that Goa has…just saying!

# …and yes further stating the point above…Goa…

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An Appreciation For Vegetables…No Really Vegetables

In Between Moderation gives a “shout out” to veggies! lol

In Between Moderation

gardenEach summer I helped my Dad planted a garden. Although it was not very big, the amount he produced would give us vegetables for the whole year. Zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, the yield and variety that came out of this small plot of land was incredible. Likewise, the quality was worthy of any farmers market. It was amazing…and I never touched it.

I hated vegetables. This dislike lasted well into my high school and college years. The reason I bring this up today is because well…I think I’m kinda a vegetarian, well sort of maybe, a part-time vegetarian… if that is even thing. I mean I do eat meat so I guess I’m not really a vegetarian, but lately I have been so tired and unmotivated after cooking for my family that I don’t feel like going to the effort of making a meat filled or dairy added meal. It…

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Attack of the furry fender crunchers!

Gardens, Combines, and Memories has uncovered a conspiracy of epic proportions! This is a funny post!

Doug's Scribbles and Ramblings

I am convinced that the wildlife here in central Nebraska have a conspiracy against me! In the past year and a half, I have hit three deer, two coyote, at least four raccoons, and I have no idea how many rabbits with my two vehicles. Those are just the ones who have successfully made contact in their quest to destroy my only means of transportation! There have been what seems like hundreds of failed attempts that have only succeeded in getting my adrenaline pumping and my heart rate up way too early in the morning! From all those successful attacks, my old Chevy pickup has a headlight held in by rope and my Malibu is missing a mirror, has a dimpled front fender, and it’s front fiberglass bumper is in shambles, especially after this mornings three pronged attack!

To start with I will say I drive a thirty five mile…

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The Walk

Yesterday After has a beautiful poem posted here called The Walk. Check it out!


Footprints Footprints

The Walk

No one can put you in a corner.
It will come the moment,
that you will stand up strongly
and walk out from that dark tunnel
and finally face the light.
You would be trembling
you would be afraid
this walk seems so long…
you would be gasping
you would be tired
but you will be stronger step after step.
The immense love you have inside, will hold your hand tight,
your beautiful soul will lead your way to the light,
your courage will bring you out
you will be proud
You will be free
the Savior would be there to hold you always.


Copyright 2015 © Poem and Photo by Carolina Russo

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Greetings From Florida!

Take advantage of meeting new people in the Meet n Greet!  Grow your blog readership, but more importantly introduce yourself to so many great people.  We are west of Jacksonville and about 4 hours from our destination!  Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday!

Big Dreamer

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