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14 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Did you actually pay for copywrite, or just copy paste the warning? Because one is legit and the other isn’t, unfortunately. I think it costs $50 here in Canada to get official copywrite for your work. How much is it in the US?

    1. In the U.S. you don’t have to pay to copyright written work. You can do so, but legally the work is yours the moment you write it down. So the fact that I have a time and date stamp on my pages and own my web domain, the copyright notice is all that is needed and is legally binding.

      1. oh wow! I didn’t know that, maybe that is the case here too.. I remember when I was looking into copywrite it was because I wanted to find a literary agent for some of my fiction work (I don’t tend to blog any of it, mind you). I was worried that when I send them samples they would nab it, because my fiction work is so important to me… especially since I produce it so slowly compared to my non-fiction pieces!

      2. One great habit I practice is to take your work and certify mail it to yourself and then place in a safety deposit box or safe. Do not open it. The government time and date stamp is nice to have.

  2. Wow, I really love your blog! Your comments about the two books was fabulous. We do have to have a strong desire to accomplish our goals in life. Habits, habits, they make or break our lives.

  3. Your blog has inspired me tremendously to prepare for 2016! My goal is to save my life. My health was failing fast and I had given up until reading your posts. I decided to take your advice by preparing for the next year. Now my blog is alive and I already feel better than I have in years! My heartfelt thanks for your inspiration.

    1. This news is music to my ears! Keep up your hard work and I know you can do it! In 2014 I decided it was time to get my health under control too and I feel so much better.

      1. I believe blogging daily helps me to be accountable one day at a time. Also, I don’t feel alone in my struggle. Your blog emphasizes planning and preparation – which I lacked until now. Keep doing what you are doing sir! It matters!!

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