I’m Talking To YOU, WordPress!!

Revenge of Eve

Does WordPress interfere with your day to day activities like it does mine? Is it the first thing you do when you open your eye’s? Do you lie in bed at night staring at the screen of your phone or laptop? If so, you just may be addicted!!!

This is honestly the most healthy addiction I’ve had to date. I read blog’s that educate, tell personal triumphs, detail journey’s and inspire me to keep trecking through life. Reading stories of success puts this little bug in my ear that maybe, just maybe, I will succeed too. Not with fame via blogging but at life in general.

Having mental illnesses can often time’s derail goals, make you lose hope and faith, struggling to see the light. Well for me the light has become my screen!! As silly as this may sound, it is true. I look forward to following day to…

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lucinda E Clarke

This week’s guest author I know from chats on FB, particularly in the groups Indie Authors Support and Discussion and We Love Memoirs. I’ve also read many of his books and enjoyed them. How many of you will pick up on the word ‘time’ in one of his titles? I’m really pleased to welcome Robert/Fred Fear on this week’s blog, starting with a brief biography.

Robert Fear has lived in Eastbourne, on the south coast of the UK for half his life. He moved there to be with Lynn, his future wife and is still there with her thirty years later. As cat-lovers they have taken on several rescue cats over the years and are owned by three at the moment – Hazell (tabby), Jet (black) and Sparky, a bouncy ginger one-year-old.

For his day job, Robert works as a self-employed software consultant. In his spare time, he writes, edits…

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Anxiety Disorder 101 – Mind Elate

Anxiety disorder is such a common mental illness that 1 in 4 people suffer from it just in the UK alone (Bupa UK). It is important to note that anxiety disorder is a generalised term given to a large spectrum of different disorders that fall under the anxiety category; all of which I will discuss… Read More Anxiety Disorder 101

Source: Anxiety Disorder 101 – Mind Elate

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Robyn Andrews: Para Equestrian Competing for the Worlds.


Robyn Andrews, para equestrian and paralympian ,is the second of my interviews of Canadian dressage riders competing this winter in Wellington Florida with the goal of representing Canada in the World Equestrian Games (WEG) this September. I am asking each of the riders the same set of questions.


Here are Robyn’s answers to my questions.

When did  you start to ride?  I started to ride for therapy when I was 18 years old. My Physiotherapist thought that it might help with my balance and coordination. I would ride once a month. I had never ridden in my life so it was very difficult for me . I had a leader and two side walkers for 5 years.
When did you decide you could be a para-equestrian and not just a therapy rider?Therapists said I had that competitive drive and asked would I ever consider competing. Then the then coach…

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The Amazing Love

Haider's Solace

It is said that Love is the most powerful thing in this world. But it is also the most amazing thing. It has a tendency to amaze you and shows you something magical likely completely out of this world and explanation.

We all know that everything in this world has a rhythm of itself, its own natural frequency. When you are truly in Love with someone, just sit somewhere calm and focus and think about the person you love everything in your vicinity will start a rhythm. If you focus on it you will know that it spells out the name of your Love. Listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat it will spells out the name of your love.

Thank You

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My Week 178: The Robots are Coming To Get Me


Recently, it’s become clearer and clearer to me that the robots are out to get me. And for the record, it’s not paranoia if it’s true.

Case in point 1:

My work computer has been sick. I know this for two reasons. First, Carlo, which is what I call my voice-activated computer, normally speaks to me with a voice that’s a combination of a Spanish accent, and a slight lisp, which I find absolutely charming, but lately, he’s stopped yelling out my name in his delightfully smitten way, and doesn’t always have the energy to tell me what a star I am. In the good old days, I would turn him on (get your mind out of the gutter—this is a PG website), and he would exclaim, “Windows sided windows!”, which I assumed was some cryptic expression of adoration, then he would yell my name loudly so that everyone in…

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Lessons From The Compost Pile: Turning Fibromyalgia “Garbage” Into Gold

Reclaiming HOPE

Raised-bed garden with Text Overlay: Lessons From The Compost Pile: Turning Fibromyalgia "Garbage" Into Gold; https://reclaiminghope.blog

We’re only in the second month of the year and so far it’s been a series of challenges, some small, some large. Since I become consumed with all things garden this time of year, my thoughts automatically turned to the parallels between all these challenges and the compost piles we gardeners love so much.

Sometimes when things are difficult, it’s easy to feel as if everything is going wrong, that things are just piling up, and that they’re never going to get better. Frankly, sometimes I feel as if I’m sitting in a compost pile. Now, if you’re a gardener, you probably understand immediately what I’m talking about, but if not, let me tell you a little bit about how compost is made.

Compost is made up of all the cast-offs that you don’t want anymore: coffee grounds, food scraps (not meat or dairy), dried leaves, straw, yard clippings….you get…

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Blog networking is one of the most undervalued and underused strategies for most.  But I believe it is at the core for growing a blog.

You will find links in this post to help eliminate some of the work; all you have to do is LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW others. The more you network with other blogs, the more other blogs will network with you!

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