Danny’s World: It’s Time To Re-Write My Goals

Danny's iphone 022I have written goals.  I believe those with written goals achieve more than those who do not.  I also know that my friends and associates who have written goals make more money than those who do not.  Simply put…people who have a plan are more successful than those who don’t.  Some will argue against this statement, but that is not the point of this post.   My point is that I need to re-write my goals for my professional life.

I’ve gotten a bit lazy in my professional life.  Now this is not to say I am lazy as I probably work harder than most people in sales.  But my goals are not to be life everyone else; I want to be elite and elite status requires elite effort.  Lately I have noticed my effort has been ordinary and complacent.

So I will spend the next week rethinking where I want to be and how much I want to make.  The most important reason I have written goals is to make sure I am comparing myself to my potential and not comparing myself to others.  I must aim for the highest bar and lose sight of what others are doing.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts on written goals.  Why do you or why don’t you write goals down?

Dreams Can Be Goals, But Not All Goals Are Dreams

dream-big2I believe having goals and having dreams are two separate things.  Dreams can be goals, but not all goals are dreams.  For instance, a dream can be to one day live at the ocean and this can also be a goal.  But a  goal could also be to earn a six figure income, but that doesn’t necessarily mean six figures is a dream.  It is easy, however, to see how the six figure income could be a vital part of eventually fulfilling the dream of living at the ocean.

I don’t encounter many adults whose dreams are still alive, who are also actively working and living toward those dreams.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe people have dreams they just don’t talk about them?  Maybe they once had dreams, but somewhere along the line they stopped aiming their life at those dreams.

Do you have active dreams to which your life is solely focused?

People Will Try To Crap On Your Dreams; Don’t Let Them

When I first started blogging I had no clue what I was doing or what blogging was all about.  What I did know was that I wanted to make a difference.   I wanted to spread my net far and wide and have thousands of people read my page.   I set my goals based on follower numbers, primarily setting my aim on the types of numbers that a few other big blogs had-Harsh Reality, Don Charisma and The Public Blogger.


These blogs had tens of thousands of followers and I wanted to be in their league.  I remember telling a few guys I know about my vision and they said I shouldn’t expect much because most blogs fail and very few ever get more than a few hundred followers. I actually had other bloggers tell me the same thing.  They never said I was crazy to think big, but I could tell from their tone that they thought I was a newbie speaking like a newbie.  Basically they were saying, “Good luck, but it’s probably not going to happen.”

What’s my point?  I am exactly where I had hoped I would be at this point.  Don’t allow what others say to deter you from your vision.  Don’t let other people’s negativity  limit you. Don’t allow yourself to live in the box others build for you.

Visionaries are deemed to be crazy by “normal” people.  Don’t settle.

I Will be so Happy and Proud of Myself When I Finish Writing My Memoir (Daily Word Prompt is Chuckle)

My Loud Bipolar Whispers!

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

I sometimes wonder what people truly think when I tell them I am writing a book, a memoir about my life.

People that know me and know part of my story think it is a great idea. Other people who do not know me well or know my story at all sometimes act like they are impressed, but are they really? Some people do not say anything at all.

I believe some people chuckle a little to themselves in disbelief when I tell them I am writing my memoir, thinking it is a stupid idea and that I will never get a book written or published.

When I see negative reactions or non-reactions, I become even more determined to finish writing my memoir and memoirs. I will show them.

When my dreams come true and my memoir is finished, published and being sold, I will be so proud of myself.

I can do it. I must finish…

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Sometimes You Gotta Put Your Head Down and Work Hard(er)

I am a hard worker.  By this I mean that I develop a plan, analyze my progress, challenge myself daily and put the time in; basically I show up every day to succeed.  I know not everyone does this because I watch people’s actions.

Living in the world of sales and marketing affords me the opportunity to watch a lot of business people and compare and contrast.  Living in the world of sales also allows me to watch other sales people and compare and contrast what I do against what they do.  I have learned that if you aren’t doing it, then one of your competitors is doing it; so get busy!

Image result for how many everest attempt have been made

I see a lot of mediocre habits.  I watch people go through the motions every day.  I hear people talk as if they want to be the best, but then watch their actions say otherwise.

Hard work.

I’m not so sure people these days want to work hard.  I’m not sure people in our age understand what working diligently means.  I am convinced that people have tricked themselves into believing they are doing their best when in fact they are operating at 60%.

The vast majority are coasting; flying under the radar.  They live in a world below the top 10%, but above the bottom dwelling 10%.  Flying under the radar isn’t a compliment. It means you put effort into not being noticed; going undetected.  Those living in the world of the 80% do so because they are comfortable there.  The expectations are lower when you live in the middle.

The funny thing is those who live in the top 10% never think about it because they are too busy working.  And most times those who think they are a top producer are not and make excuses.   Those who say “I’m an asset to the company” or “they couldn’t run this place without me” are the ones who have tricked themselves into believing they are a top producer when in fact they are not.

They are living in the realm of “good enough”.  I’m not sure what “good enough” is, but it isn’t okay with me.

The real question is where do you stand?  Have you tricked yourself into believing you are functioning optimally when in fact you are coasting at about 60% efficiency?

There’s No Guarantee You Will Reach Your Goal

When we were young society tried to instill in our minds the belief that if one works hard, takes their vitamins, is a good person and does what’s right, life will turn out pretty good. And for the most part I guess this could be true.  That doesn’t mean life is easy or that you will get your way or reach your goals.

Image result for missed it by that much

There’s no guarantee you will reach your goal.  There is no magic wand to be waved which instantaneously produces that for which you desire.  Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  You can work your tail off to achieve a certain objective only to have success ripped from your grasp.

So what does this tell us about life?   I believe this reality teaches us there is more value to be found in the seeking than in the attaining.  It reminds me of how much fun I have planning a vacation and then anticipating the trip.  I almost enjoy that part of the vacation more than I actually enjoy the vacation itself!

And so it is with working toward goals.

I might be disappointed that I didn’t reach a goal, but if I worked hard and gave my best then I actually did achieve something…didn’t I?

I’ll be curious to read your view on this idea so be sure to continue the conversation in the comment section.


Why You Should Never, Ever Settle For Less

1903photo-small.jpgAs I walked Bentley the other night I saw a lot of airplanes in the sky and I thought to myself how busy the airport must be on a Friday night. That got me to thinking about how far air travel has come in the last 40 years and the fact that the early flight visionaries were told air travel would never become common place. After all it is simply not practical. Ford was told he would never invent the 8 cylinder engine. Some said we would never travel to space.

We are surrounded by things which are common, everyday occurrences to us that at some time in the past were considered inconceivable. They are proof to me that I can expect more from myself and I can expect more for my life than others expect for themselves. Jobs was told he was foolish to invest so much into a mobile phone, after all, “who’s gonna carry a phone with them every where they go?”

 “No one is gonna drink bottled water when you can get it free from the tap.”

“Who in their right mind is gonna drive to swamp land in the middle of Florida to ride carnival rides?”

Visionaries see things differently. They don’t see the obstacles and they don’t listen to the naysayers. They dream big dreams and live big lives free of the finiteness of the human mind. They see a different reality and they believe in that reality before they can actually touch and feel it.  They are proof that you should never, ever settle for less.

I choose to give my energy to the reality I design for myself. I choose to stick to my vision of what I want not based on the limited vision of others and their expectations of me.

Why settle for less-than when you can set your eyes on achieving greatness?

The Power of Your “Why” and How It Will Absolutely Change Your Life

Have you ever given any thought to your “Why?”

Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to sit down with a doctor in Shelby, NC and talk. During that talk he brought up a point that I have heard iterated a million times, but the way he expressed his thoughts changed my view of having purpose.

He described having purpose as “knowing my Why.  If I know my Why then I never get off track-I never stray from my path.”  I know my Why: To add value to the world around me. I live my mission daily and have written about adding value to life often.  It guides my actions.  It guides my mind.  It shapes my decisions.  My question for you is…Do you know your Why?  And more importantly, are you living your Why?

This might seem like an easy question to some, but you might be surprised at the number of people who live each and every day without a life mission.  Is it important?  Does it have an impact on our lives?  I believe the answer to both questions is yes.  I scoured the internet for a statistical number to associate with my question and the answers varied wildly from .06%-19% of the world’s population who live with a mission-know their Why. Even if the high number is the default, that leaves 81% of the people in the world walking around each day without knowing their Why.

This type of thinking might be a western thought and may have little relevancy in other parts of the world.  For instance, the nomadic herder in a third-world country might not have a philosophical answer, yet understands his mission is to keep his flock alive in order to provide for his family.  I understand that my culture not only creates such a question but most certainly shapes my answer.  But with that understanding,  I still believe we all are on this planet for a reason, I believe it is important to know that reason and I believe knowing your Why has many important influences on your life.

ladder-picFirst, knowing your Why keeps you on track.  When you know your purpose in life you can use that purpose as your personal mission statement.  Any time you have a decision to make you bounce your choices off of your Why.  Are they in sync?  Are they in conflict? Does the choice you are about to make support your overall Why?  Without the Why it is easy to end up climbing a latter leaning against the wrong wall.

Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.   Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Secondly, knowing your Why brings fulfillment.  Nothing brings more fulfillment and joy than living your life in accordance with your life’s mission.  There are many people who try to fake being fulfilled, but it is like trying to fake a smile.  It is obvious to everyone but the person faking.

Thirdly, knowing your Why makes life more fun.  Life is simply more enjoyable when you know who you are, where you are going and what you want to achieve.

Fourth, knowing your Why influences others in a positive way.  There is something about knowing your Why that draws people like flies to honey.  I always think of it as the light on the hill shining at night.  When people see a light in the darkness they cannot help but want to know the source of the light.  The light speaks without using words and draws people to the source.  Once someone is exposed to another who has purpose they cannot help but be intrigued.

Fifth, knowing your Why lets you easily determine what is important versus what is not. Once you know your mission the frivolous things in life are easier to cast off.  Buddha stated that desire is the downfall of mankind and I believe this.  I know my mission and I also know what is truly important in life for me.  Therefore I don’t waste my energy on things and/or PEOPLE who do not edify my mission.  This might be tough for some to read, but I can tell you not every person deserves your time and energy.

Sixth, knowing your Why provides a constant source of motivation and inspiration. Imagine it like having an unlimited supply of energy for your fuel tank!  Sure there will be times when you are tired, but I can attest to the fact that knowing your  Why provides a constant, unyielding supply of inspiration and motivation.  And this source cannot be contrived.  It will drag you through the tough times like no other.

Lastly, knowing your Why brings with it achievement.  There is nothing for me that makes me smile more than achieving my personal goals.  Obviously, I have based my entire blog on goal-achievement and developing the proper set of habits to reach those goals. Knowing my Why is the one thing that drives me and allows me to achieve.  Before I accepted my purpose I was lost and my achievements were few and far between.  But not my life is like having a gun at a shooting range-I’m picking off targets right-and-left.

I don’t believe it is difficult to know your life’s purpose.  If you sit still and remain quiet long enough you will realize your purpose was there all along.  Some know their purpose but refuse to identify with it, while some are not ready to accept their mission.  Many keep themselves too busy and don’t stand still long enough to listen to a voice that has been trying to speak for many years.

The question remains-have you given any thought to your Why?  Are you willing to sit still long enough to understand your purpose?  And once you realize your Why are you willing to accept it and move forward to achieving your goals?