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My husband was an overchiever, committing both financial and physical infidelity over the course of our four-year marriage. It was to be expected, based on my mothers crystal ball. She confirmed all men cheated while in my twenties and suggested I cozy up to that idea if I wanted a relationship. My stepdad, on the other hand, only suggested I become acquainted with kitchen appliances, mainly the stove. It was his opinion that no man would choose any woman who had not progressed beyond entry-level cooking classes since high school. (No worries if you are a single female and hate to cook, I’ve proven his theory wrong, carry on!). Five years post divorce I moved beyond the thought process that all men were related to my ex, and decided quality men still existed. I didn’t need perfection, I simply needed to find the one whose demons played nicely with mine.

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Happiness of a child

Sometimes the shortest posts are the best. This post asks such a simple, yet such a deep question. I love it!

What The Heck is Happening?

Today as I watched my daughters happily laughing and joyfully living in the moment, I thought to myself, “I want that…”

I want to live in the moment, and not think about anything BUT the moment I am in. I want to forget about the past, not worry about what is to come, and just soak in THIS moment.

I want to live with a child-like innocence….trusting that everything will work out…

But how…

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Things that make you realize you’re becoming a grown up

True and funny list about growing older. I always choose comfort over style btw!!

As I countdown the days with dread until my 30th birthday, I’ve been getting sentimental for the time when I could drink all night and feel fan-fucking-tastic the next day or eat an entire large combo pizza without crying in shame 30 minutes later. So I’ve been taking note of all the ways I am slowly but surely becoming an adult. Dun dun dun!

Unwanted facial hair:  I’m a blonde haired Scandinavian but I still have to check every morning to make sure I don’t have a chin hair waving hello at everyone that day. You’d think god would cut me a break for being so pale that I look like a stick of butter with arms and legs, I would at least not have to worry about gnarly black hairs sprouting from my lip.

Upper lip hair. Natures way of saying you should have locked down a husband by now. Upper lip hair. Natures way of saying you should have locked down a husband by now.

Lower car insurance rates: Gone…

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