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We had booked a tour of the Parliament building in Vienna and the MP’s were kind enough to leave the building so we could go and have a good gawk at it.


It’s a very imposing building (I’m convinced I was Christopher Wren in a former life, I love gazing at architecture).


I just love that sign telling you where you will find missing children! There didn’t seem to be any around to claim though.


Now that Carlos of Aragon is dead, busy haunting the streets of Barcelona, his younger brother Ferdinand is heir to the throne. We can forget about all the girl children, because under Salic law women cannot ascend the throne in Aragon.

Fedinand 3

This is Ferdinand, but I couldn’t find a picture of him before he got a crown.

Isabella, still controlled by her mad mother spends most of her days praying…

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Song Lyric Sunday – “Break My Stride”

Being Lydia!

This week’s Song Lyric Sunday theme from Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time is “break”. I drew a blank for about 30 seconds and then several songs popped into my head, including a suggestion from my Hubby.

I debated for quite awhile between his idea and one of my own. I ended up choosing my husband’s because it is a little more upbeat and mine (“Break It To Them Gently by Burton Cummings) is pretty dark.

So, my choice is the campy 1980’s hit, “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder. It is a fun song about a guy hung up on a girl who is her own person and doesn’t want to be tied down. He finally decides that she is trouble and if he meets another girl like her he won’t let her “work me over” or “drag me under”.

The song was released…

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Diy: Tie Front Crop Top

Slices of Aple

Hi guys!! Happy sewing everyone!

How’s everyone? What sewing projects you’ve been doing lately?

I’m into ribbon thingy lately. The fact that the pattern is so easy makes me want to sew this tie front crop top for everyone. If I could.

So yes, I want to share my latest diy pattern. The fabric is from my old project the rectangle skirt remember? It was one of oldest projects I made and I only wore it once or twice so I refashioned it and turned into something I would wear more than twice.

What do you think guys?


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Still in hospital but doing better

Still in hospital but doing better on Multiple experienceS | I slept last night. That makes a huge difference. I also got them to stop the saline drip that wasn’t necessary and truthfully was torture for an MS patient with bladder issues. I was peeing every 20-30 minutes yesterday. I took a second…

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Disney’s Magical Express – Disney Solution

Sometimes seen written as MDE, Disney’s Magical Express is that complimentary bus ride from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Walt Disney World Property. I often get questions regarding Magical Express, so I thought it would be a good idea to help everyone out by putting all the information in one place. Here are the most … Continue reading Disney’s Magical Express

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Spider-Man/Steve Ditko Tribute – Psycho Bunny Sketch of The Week 7/9/2018

WitchesBrewPress's Blog

As promised, I delivered this week’s Psycho Bunny sketch on a Tuesday, instead of the usual Monday. Did an awesome commission a few days ago, which will be posted another day on this blog. Have to finish some other commissions as well.

Anyway, for comic book fans you might’ve heard the news. Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko passed away over the weekend. He was also the artist responsible for bringing the world Doctor Strange, The Question and countless others. Spider-Man turned out to be his magnum opus.

Of course to Ditko fans, you can’t mention the artist without bringing in Objectivism and Ayn Rand. At some point he embraced Rand’s philosophy. Personally I feel that Objectivism might’ve ruined Ditko’s life. Hell, he was more of an Objectivist than Ayn Rand herself. Rand supposedly collected social security in her twilight years. Collecting social security within the context of Objectivism is open…

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My Top 5 Favorite Books


Hello all! I’ve done a lot of posts about movies and actors but I’ve yet to talk about books. Here’s my list (in no particular order) of favorite books.

1. Remember Me by Christopher Pike

I’ve read this book at least five times and I still want to read it. It’s suspenseful and fun and full of surprises.

2. The Tale of Desperaux by Kate DiCamillo

Sure, sure… It’s a children’s book but it’s one I’ll probably continue reading the rest of my life. The story is amazing and the characters are ones you just want to keep returning to. It’s the only book from my childhood that I’ll continue reading over and over. (The cartoon is adorable too!)

3. The Secret Circle by L.J Smith

It was a close tie between this series and Vampire Diaries. Secret Circle won due to the simple fact that it bothered me how…

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Integrative: Eastern, Western, Ancient, Modern.


Ancient and Modern, Eastern and Western, these are the combinations of medical practices used by an integrative practitioner. I spoke recently with Dr.Usha Knabe, an integrative veterinary practitioner, about her practice and her treatments for horses.

What got you started with integrative medicine?

I was qualified as a veterinarian and had always been interested in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The turning point for me was my dog Tess. She had a herniated disk in her back and was paralyzed.  She had surgery and came back from that and did well in rehab. But then another disk caused paralysis and she  was now 14 years old . I did not think I could put her through another surgery. A client of mine had a German Shepherd that had responded well to acupuncture so I took Tess to her vet who was qualified in Eastern medicine and acupuncture. He treated Tess . …

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My 4th of July…

Cyranny's Cove

Today, The Internets will get flooded with mentions about Independence Day. It is not a bad thing, and I think that our American friends can use the worldwide virtual hug!

But July 4th has a totally different meaning to me and my family.

Twenty four years ago, we were moving back to Canada, after spending five years in Guinea. Of all the experiences my parents gave my little brother and I, I believe this was the most life changing.

As an eleven years old little girl, moving to such a foreign country was both scary and exciting. I can’t imagine the conversations Mom and Dad must have had before taking the decision to take their children overseas, to a remote village where nothing we had learnt about life applied.

It must have been frightening, to say the least, but within a couple of months, we moved from our North American…

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Adventure Time: Norfolk, VA Edition (Round 5 – Norfolk Tides Baseball Game)

Hot Shot Headlines

Image result for norfolk tides Image Credit: Ticketmaster

The Norfolk Tides are our home baseball team!

The Tides’ home, Harbor Park, opened on April 14, 1993. This year is it’s 25th anniversary!

The Tides are a minor league team in the Triple-A International League. Prior to 2007, the Tides were affiliated with the New York Mets for 38 years. For the last 11 years, the Tides have been a farm team for the Baltimore Orioles. Harbor Park can hold 11,856 people!

The long-time mascot is Rip Tide. He’s hilarious!

Image Credit: Wikipedia

And, yes, he has a baseball for a nose.

Not too long ago, the Tides changed their color scheme to green, black, orange, gray, and sea foam, and added a seahorse mascot.

For more information, check out this link: Norfolk Tides

On Tuesday night, we enjoyed a night of good food, a few drinks, great conversation, and the game with several of Al’s…

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