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So I want to do something different which is to share the link of a blogger you enjoy following that you think others would enjoy also.  It seems to be working nicely so I’m going to continue the post via the link below.

Be sure to visit the other links and meet some great bloggers.  I’ll also be running the standard Meet and Greet this weekend so check that out as well.

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Just a Thought…

Peace from Panic


I saw this on Pinterest today and it made me smile. Straight and to the point. If you want something different in your life, take the initiative to make it happen.

Easier said than done. The first steps are the hardest.

Since I had surgery on my foot early March, I’ve had a hard time getting back into exercising on a regular basis. I eat pretty healthy, but I’ve let that slide too. Sometimes it’s so difficult to get motivated. It’s easy to fall into the trap of being lazy.

Last week I finally took control. I weighed myself one morning and promised myself to get back to a consistent healthy lifestyle. I’d like to lose a few pounds, but it really isn’t about that for me. I just want to feel healthier. Stronger, inside and out.

I don’t follow a strict plan, I basically go by this motto: Eat…

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The Seed

Pearls Before Swine

It’s not always easy to endure, but may today be different. May the seeds of goodness root themselves in your souls. For without seeds the earth is barren land. Do not worry then if things do not start out as tree stumps, for even it started first as a seed. From there the seed grows roots and they lock and load themselves into position, like protest hands before the face of Civil Disobedience, we shall not be moved. Roots are the key, for once the roots have super glued themselves in good soil a seed gives birth and a tiny plant eventually breaks through. When this happens, we say that a seed has sprouted. And so, today, may your seed sprout. May it become one with the soil in which you’ve planted it, and may it root itself. Understand that it must first start off as a seed. Tiny. Unnoticeable…

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Positive Quote 20.06

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what is coming next.

Will Smith (b. 1968)

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How To Effectively Use Out-of-Focus Images

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Don't delete! use your out-of-focus images

If you love taking photos, you know the frustrations of spending time photographing what you expect to be fabulous images, only to find many of them are out of Focus. It happens to the best photographers.

Rather than throw your hands up in despair and hitting the delete button, save some of your out-of-focus images for new purposes.

For this week’s WordPress photo challenge, let me use this opportunity to share some ideas for using those fuzzy images.

If you have read my book Better Blogging with Photography, you know I am a staunch advocate for folks taking and using their OWN images, whether it’s using a fancy camera, a point-and-shoot digital or a mobile phone. The beauty of digital images is they can be deleted if needed or edited for perhaps a second life!

I came across this beautiful scene, with the sun back-lighting the spring trees, and…

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Monday Minstrel: Jamini Roy and a Bengali horse


Jamini Roy, 1887-1972 was on of the most important artists of the modern period in India He drew on the popular and folk traditions of Bengal for his inspiration.  In this sketch the elongated head of the horse shows proximity and the large eyes are a characteristic feature of Jamini Roy’s style.

This sketch is in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England. 2013GK1416_2500

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My Social Media Links


If you currently do not utilize the free social media services I would encourage you to rethink your strategy.  It’s not only a great way to connect, but search engines give your page more credibility-SEO.  So here are mine, just click on the link in red and it will take you straight off to my pages:










Dizzy’s top tips for keeping cool!

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

Summer is on it’s way and me and Dizzy have definitely noticed an increase in humidity! For us this means being even more dizzy…

Heat is known for making MS symptoms grumpy so we’ve put together our top 5 tips for helping stay cool this Summer! 🙂

  1. Drinks lots and lots and lots!

Dizzythedonkey mug

2. Wear thin clothing and make sure you’re protected from the sun if you’re outside for long periods of time.

Dizzy went for the largest hat she could find…

Dizzythedonkey hat

3. If you’re out and about take a cooling kit with you! In ours we have water, a fan and cooling spray.

Dizzythedonkey cooling kit

4. Find ways to help cool you down. This could include having a cold drink, having a cool baths/shower or splashing about in a paddling pool.

Dizzy found a bird bath…

Dizzythedonkey bath.JPG

5. Find cool places to stay in.

Dizzy suggested sitting in the fridge to help keep cool but I think she…

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Scribbler’s prompts? Say what?

The scribblers prompt this month was to reveal and describe five silly things I do or say.  What’s the Scribbler’s Prompt you ask? Heck if I know. I saw it on another blog (EllenBest24) and thought what a great idea so I…

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