Have you seen this? Meet Charles Eugster ~ 98 year old athlete.

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As we continue on into this new year, I am determined to get myself into better shape. I have the nutrition side of it down, but fitness and exercise are a HUGE sticking point for me. I’ll be blunt…


But, I know just how crucial exercise is to our overall health, so I need to find some inspiration. This past weekend, I shared a post with you about Ernestine Shephard, the world’s oldest female body builder. Today, I would like to introduce you to Charles Eugster, a 98 year old athlete, and considered the fittest pensioner on the planet. Born on July 26, 1919 in London, U.K.,  he was active in rowing, boxing and skiing in his youth.


But, as  he grew older, he became less active. So, in his mid-60’s, he began skiing and rowing again. For 20 years, he reigned over senior…

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My husband was an overchiever, committing both financial and physical infidelity over the course of our four-year marriage. It was to be expected, based on my mothers crystal ball. She confirmed all men cheated while in my twenties and suggested I cozy up to that idea if I wanted a relationship. My stepdad, on the other hand, only suggested I become acquainted with kitchen appliances, mainly the stove. It was his opinion that no man would choose any woman who had not progressed beyond entry-level cooking classes since high school. (No worries if you are a single female and hate to cook, I’ve proven his theory wrong, carry on!). Five years post divorce I moved beyond the thought process that all men were related to my ex, and decided quality men still existed. I didn’t need perfection, I simply needed to find the one whose demons played nicely with mine.

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Is Age Just a Number?

I would like you to meet Peace From Panic!!

Peace from Panic

“Who’s that old guy who keeps following me around?”

At first I didn’t know what my friend Gary was talking about.

Some friends and I were having lunch together last week. I looked around the table and the others also seemed confused. Gary smiled and explained, “Time is passing too fast. I look in the mirror and hardly recognize the man looking back at me. He’s too old.”

I’ve had similar moments. I’m 52, and notice more wrinkles and my muscles aren’t as tone as they used to be, no matter how much I exercise. How did this happen? Sometimes it feels like just yesterday I was in my early thirties.

I understand and have (almost) accepted that a changing physical appearance is part of aging. My body is different inside too. I don’t have as much energy as I used to. Injuries take longer to heal and new…

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10 Lies That Are Keeping You From Success

Too often I read emails from people expressing how they would love to participate in a certain activity, profession, adventure, etc., but cannot because (insert list of excuses here).  Sometimes things we want to do are unattainable.  I understand that at this point in life I am probably not going to be an astronaut; and I am okay with that.

But I think we learn to make excuses too quickly and learn to accept the status quo way to easily.   And then sometimes we simply learn to lie to ourselves.  And the lying is tough to swallow.  I have compiled my list of the 10 basic lies we tell ourselves that are keeping us from success (success defined as achieving any goal):



1.  I am too old/it is too late.  It is never too late to do the right thing and it is never too late to chase your dreams!  The longer you procrastinate the older you will be when you begin…so begin now. Lots of people look back on life with regrets…don’t be one of those people.

2.  I don’t have any money.  I can say this is at the top of most people’s excuse/lie list.  You can create “extra” money right now if you eliminate lots of unnecessary spending: Starbucks, cable tv, satellite radio, expensive or multiple car payments, etc.  You don’t need more money, you need a better budget!

3.  It’s safer to work for someone else.  I guess that is one way to look at life.  Here’s another: your future is never safe when someone else has the power to terminate you!  “If you do not build your dream, then someone else will hire you to help build theirs!” –  Dhirubhai Ambani.  And just because something is safer, does not mean it is better!

4.  It’s not the right time.  Those that have kids know there is never a perfect time in life to have kids and so it is with dream chasing.  If you wait on perfect timing, you will find yourself waiting your entire life.  And then you realize time has passed you by!  

5.  I can’t afford to fail.  Do yourself a favor and Google the top 10 wealthiest, self-made people.  Their careers are littered with failed businesses and bankruptcies.  Failing is the greatest teacher. And although failing might be part of the game, it is not the end of the game.

6.  I’m not smart enough.  If this lie is in your mind, then add an additional step to your plan: get more education.  Enroll in a night class at your local community college.  Or take advantage of free educational opportunities online!



7.  It’s too much work.  Nothing worth having comes easy and things that come easy usually don’t have high value.  Sitting on your couch gaming, eating Cheetos, texting your friends and picking your nose hasn’t launched you into the stratosphere so let’s develop a work ethic.

8.  I am not good enough.  I was hired to run a golf course as the golf pro at age 27.  I kind of knew what I was doing, but wasn’t 100% prepared.  I learned how to do the job by doing the job.  You will never have complete knowledge of any topic so stop believing this lie.  You will never be fully prepared to do anything in life, but it should not keep you from moving forward. Ever heard the saying “fake it till you make it?”

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9.  Change is too scary.  The only thing in life that is consistent is change.  Friend circles change, jobs change, people change, cars, schools, policies,  finances, etc.  Everything changes and it can be scary sometimes, but everything will be fine.  Change can be a good thing as it can serve as the catalyst for advancing yourself.  Also, if your dreams don’t scare the crap out of you, then you aren’t dreaming big enough.

10.  It’s just not realistic at this point in life.  My least favorite word is “realistic.”  To me when someone says be realistic, I hear them say just settle for the norm like the rest of the herd!   Being realistic is a matter of perspective: let your imagination run crazy and refuse to be realistic!

I want you to stop and spend a few moments taking inventory of yourself: what lies have you allowed or are you allowing to rob you of advancing yourself or reaching a goal?  Feel free to share with me in the comments!