Halloween Havoc!: EARTH VS THE FLYING SAUCERS (Columbia 1956)

Or maybe your passion is like Gary’s at Cracked Rear Viewer: a love for classic films!

cracked rear viewer


UFOs have been spotted across the globe. Dr. Russell Marvin (Hugh Marlowe) and his wife Carol (Joan Taylor) are on their way to the secret headquarters of Operation Skyhook when they’re strafed by a saucer! They tell Carol’s dad, General Hanley (Morris Ankrum) what occurred. The General in turn reports all the satellities they’ve sent up have been destroyed by mysterious forces. When Marvin and his crew send up the next one, the base is attacked by saucers, and the rocket launch incapacitated. Soon General Hanley is captured by the aliens, and Marvin learns to communicate with them. The alien’s intent: destroy Planet Earth! Our weapons are useless against their superior technology! CAN EARTH BE SAVED FROM THE FLYING SAUCER INVASION?!?!

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If you’re a fan of 50s sci-fi…

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What do you want to do? What do you want to be? What do you want to have before you die?

Self inspection is the beginning of rediscovering your true passion…

Chasing Pesto


It was most certainly this existential exercise, which led me down the rabbit hole of self-inquiry. I found myself simultaneously both awestruck and dumbfounded. A year ago when I was working with my life-coach she posed the following questions, “What 30 things do you want to be, have, and do before you die?”

At first I thought it would be an easy exercise…after all, I knew – that I knew – exactly what I wanted out of life. After all, I had all the answers; well at least that’s what my ego would have me believe.

So I sat down with my journal and began with all of the things that I wanted to do before I departed this beautiful life. I sat down and realized for the first time that I’d never really thought about what I wanted to accomplish over the long term (or short term)…

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Born With a Spark – Because greatness starts from within

What causes a person to continue toward a dream or vision even when others say it can’t be done? The spark inside each of us might be the answer. Give this post a read…

My Journey In Life

Have you ever felt like you were made to achieve something great in your life? That you weren’t satisfied with just settling, that life had something big in store for you? The feeling that you could achieve something great, if you put your heart into something? It’s called the spark, and it burns inside of us.


Can you feel the spark burning inside of you?

I have always had a difficult time accepting mediocrity, I always believed that my life would not feel “accomplished” if I became another regular Joe Blow. Whenever I thought about becoming a police officer, I wanted to be the Chief of Police. If I wanted to become a filmmaker, I wanted to be world renowned. I just couldn’t live with the idea of just being a regular guy, working a regular job. I felt like I needed to achieve something great in my…

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… on a crooked path toward a creative life

Finding your creative spark is essential to developing passion. And passion is necessary to keep us truckin’ along!
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just ponderin'

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Camera Strap, Christmas Gift, 2014.

Yesterday afternoon, I was turning into my driveway, and the light was just right.

My trusty camera was on the seat next to me.  I stopped the car and got out.

The curve of the snow-packed driveway as it wound through massive piles on either side was incredibly pretty in the late afternoon sun.

I clicked on my camera.


Like, at all.

And no matter what I did, changing batteries, lenses, talking nicely to it (and then not so nicely), it wouldn’t turn on.

And I had this flash of real worry that, if my camera had to go into the shop for a day, or a few days, or weeks what would I do?

How would I take pictures for the blog?

What if something just great needed to be snapped and shared?

And then, right in the middle of all that worrying…

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Follow your heart’s true joy-fulfilling passion

I love the last line of this post. What a great way to summarize a great post!!

One unending love.

You may or may not have known, but I spent the past year serving with AmeriCorps at a Boys & Girls Club. Above all else, this experience has taught me about true fulfilling joy.

IMG_1876In sum what I have discovered is that true joy is not found through anything that you receive. You find true joy through what you give. It is found in celebrating the successes of others and in feeling a fulfillment you only experience when you embrace someone else’s reason to smile.

I have discovered a type of love that I have termed need-love. It is a love that can be directly connected with joy. When someone counts on you and you are willing to protect them and support them with all that you have. When a child loses a friend or family member, is struggling with who they are, struggling with their home life, there…

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