Nature…. thank you

Aria-Bella Rises

Numerolgy with the Angels message for 1st March

Thank nature today. Everything is related to keeping Mother Earth alive. Everything with a purpose, naturally aligned today as one.

P.S including YOU!

If we didn’t have one single part of Mother Earth and all of her animals- we would not survive long.

Today take the time to thank whatever you come into contact with – the sun on your face, the wind blowing you a cool beeeze, maybe the snow or rain as it fills the water back up, the bugs that flit around that seem annoying yet are so essential. That tree over there giving you oxygen. The list is endless and can you see just how much we have to be grateful to her for?

We are all a part of this beautiful tapestry. So when you take the time to say thanks today, and every day. Ask or…

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Message to my Ego

Aria-Bella Rises!

Aria-Bella Rises


I have realised I have been quite a meanie to my Ego. Blaming her for most bad things and whenever I have a human moment. I bag her in my blog and then expect her to treat me nicely, which let’s face it, would you be nice if blamed and shamed all the time?

My panic has been bad this week and it was only when Super J pointed out just how mean I have been to her that I realised Ego was putting on a show because of my hateful words.

So this is a blog to my Ego, a nice blog!

I want to take the time to Thank my Ego for being there all of my life. For protecting me from things she deemed unsafe and for putting me on the right path when I could have gone many other unsavoury ways. She has always been a…

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Feels like a Dear Diary entry

Aria-Bella Rises!

Aria-Bella Rises

I am a Guardian Angel and part of my ‘mission’ is to talk about Angels, yet if you were to look at my posts and so forth – you may be hard pressed to know that about me. Don’t get me wrong, I still, I guess bring that Angelic energy of mine to anything I write and say but it isn’t always the same.

I sometimes look to those that are known as the expert and I kinda non angelically say to myself, Hello, you want an expert (while waving my arms in the air) but how the hell is anyone to know??? Face palming at its finest.

The last couple of days, I really got to thinking why or what is lurking in the background to stop me from jumping into my full potential…

To start really delving into the topic of Angels means that I am doing part…

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Angelical Wisdoms Nov 27th

Angelical Wisdoms for the day 27th Sept

A little inspiration I found on Aria-Bella Rises!!

Aria-Bella Rises

I have decided to post my Angelic Wisdoms video that I do on my facebook page to my blog and add in an affirmation that you can do for the day to go with it!

Hope you enjoy
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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This is Enlightenment Angels! Another new blog I’m following and it provides me with a positive energy to carry me through the day! Give a Follow, you’ll enjoy!




This amazing photo is by a fabulous photographer, Joshua Weinfeld at

As you can see from this majestic photo, Angelic beauty is everywhere and looking at this photo I can feel the peace, the tranquility, the even flow of the Angels above looking upon the land and the minions below as well as the love we all feel for mother earth.  When gazing upon such a vast and open natural beauty such as this, it make me want to just sit silently, view my surroundings of the natural wonder, breath in and out, and just relax and meditate.  Ah, what peace that would be and what peace this photo brings.

Happy Friday my Angels and may you all have a great weekend!


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Gratitude & Healing

A thank you from Corinneonline to to her husband’s guardian angels.

Heart Reflections

I wrote this very short poem as a dedication to those Guardian angels, specifically to one, who watched over my husband and kept him safe the other day after his accident. I was told by a very special person who they were and what they did. I had expected and was not surprised to learn of the one, but when told the other, I honestly was not too pleased to learn of.  As difficult as it will be for me, I know deep in my heart I have to learn to accept that she was a blessing, and is still a blessing as she continues to watch over him.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy . . .

Not just one, but two

Guardian angels

My gratitude to you

I know who you are

Always watching over him

From near and afar

I did my share of cleansing

Allowing pure…

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