Heritage and History


The Horse Guards. The Blues and Royals. The Changing of the Horse Guards. Buckingham Palace. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  That’s a fair bit of history and heritage right there, just in those words.

My Great Uncle, my Grandfather, and my Uncle were all in the Guards.  My Uncle rode in the Trooping of the Color for many years. When I was about eight years old I was taken to see the Trooping. It is a lengthy spectacular and I was getting a bit weary but then my Aunt pointed out my Uncle Tim riding , in full regalia, behind the Queen. Well!  I was pretty impressed.

My photos in response to the Word Press Photo Challenge for this week , Heritage, are of the Horse Guards, lined up at the Changing of the Horse Guard. The first photo is a close up of the boot, spurs, the trumpet and …

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It’s the Simple Things In Life That Make Living More Enjoyable

I like getting something new every now-and-again; it’s exciting.  There is something about getting that package delivered to the house and unpacking it to see the surprise.  I don’t buy a lot of things, but when I do I am like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

I believe it’s the simple things in life that make living more enjoyable.  And it is the simple things that many take for granted.  I try to be aware of these small moments and breath them in; savor them if you will.

dreambig3Some of my favorite small moments are the silence of the world early in the morning. The sound of water running.  Laying in the grass and watching the clouds.  Noticing how blue the sky can be on certain days.  That moment at the beach when my feet touch the sand for the first time in months.  The refreshing feeling of taking a cool shower in the summer when the heat spikes past 95.

If you blink you might miss some of these moments so be sure to practice awareness and give yourself time to experience them.  What are some of your favorite small moments?

Challenges and Solutions


I love to make plans. Plans keep me sane. I also fully appreciate that even the best made plans, as Robert Burns once said, go oft awry.  But as I head toward a competition I rely on making plans.  I worked with sport psychologist Dirk Stroda during the winter competition season in Florida and he gave me a very workable outline for the weeks approaching competitions, starting 4 weeks before the competition. So with a competition May 26-28 how am I doing?

Week 4: Checking and asking questions. Is all my equipment in good shape ? Do I need to get anything repaired? How are my show clothes, tailcoat, breeches, shirts, stock ties, show boots?   Is there anything I forgot at the last show for myself or for Biasini that I need to remember this time?

So, did I do all that last week? No, I did not. I was…

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Monday Minstrel–“An Entrance or a key…”



The horse between discs is outside the Museum of London in London, England.  The artist is Christopher Le Brun , the statue is bronze and made in 2001.  The imagery of horses and discs is common in the work of Le Brun. It suggests travel and passing from one place to another. Here is what the artist has to say about it.

“When you talk about horses and riders in my work it is important to me that they are not seen as real. I think of it as an entrance or a key to places that I want to enter. It is as if “the horse” enables the journey rather than provides the final subject.”


What is interesting to me is that for those of us who are riders of horses ,we know that it is not only the physical journey they take us on. It is also a…

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Hidy Tidy – DIY litter box cabinet



This is a project I did a couple of months ago. I love my cat ( Maximus) Max.


As you can see he can be quite a character. In the first pic he is trying to wake his brother up to play. Niko isn’t having that. If he’s under his blanket that’s like hanging a do not disturb sign :).  The middle pic I call the neighborhood watch. It was the funniest thing when we moved into this house. Every morning at the same time they both went to the window. Watching anything or anybody that went by. As if to say we’re here now! Don’t bother our house! Lol. The last pic was taken while I was packing to move. I think he was trying to tell me to stop and pay him attention instead. Max talks to me. Seriously he is the most talkative cat I have ever…

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My crazy brains…

Cyranny's cove

I love waxwing birds… They are among my favorite feathered friends, and I am lucky because we have a lot of them in my neighbourhood, even if I live in a big city.

I prefer their name in French, though. Jaseur de bohème, litterally “Bohemian chatter”. More poetic than “waxwing”.

I like the little things, because they look like flying water paintings.


Today, I was watching the usual flock (well, actually just guessing here, because they pretty much all look the same). Waxwing birds love the little fruit shown on the above picture. At work, we have two trees that become, during Springtime, all-you-can-eat restaurants for my pretty waxwings. Just without the bill!

My eyes were going from one bird to another, just enjoying their ballet from branch to branch, when something tickled my crazy brains.

The said little fruit are not so little, if you’re thinking waxwing-wise (which you…

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Haters Anonymous

Horse Addict!



“Hi, my name is Blah D. Blah and I’m a Hater.”

“Hi Blah D. Welcome to Haters Anonymous.” 

Well, I very much doubt that there are any 12 Step programs for haters. I doubt haters think they have any kind of addiction problem and certainly would not be ready to say they were powerless over hating or that it had made their lives unmanageable. But haters can certainly affect the lives of others. Haters have upset people, caused professionals’ reputations to be damaged and at worst have bullied and traumatized some people to the point where they have taken their own lives. 

Haters have a field day in the realm of social media. They can be found in all areas; groups for people suffering with mental illness, people with children with disabilities, people with addictions, people with horses and people who are just trying to get on and…

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My cat!

Advocate for Mental Illness!

Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

She has been listed as a therapy cat,

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

-Author of Articles, Stories and Poems



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