So Simple! Yet So Difficult!


“I have a little  exercise that Cristolot gave me this week and I’d like to work on it with you.” That Dear Readers, was my first clue that this “little” exercise might be simple but it would not be easy. My coach Belinda Trussell trains with multiple Olympian Christilot Boylen.  Christilot seldom comes up with any “easy” exercises.  So here we go!


  1. Starting from the side of the arena make a half circle to the right to the centerline.
  2. Go straight on the centerline.
  3. Change flexion and bend to the left and make a 10 meter circle to the left returning to the centerline.
  4. Go straight on the centerline and change flexion and bend to the right  and make a 10 meter circle to the right.
  5. Repeat


  1. Trot the 10 meter circle to the right and on reaching the centerline walk, straighten, then transition…

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When You Lose a Horse, You Lose a Dream.


“I hadn’t realized how much I had envisioned him there. I thought that once we got the small barn built that he would be there. Right there in my back yard.” Abbey looked at me as she said this, with the pain still in her eyes.

A horse is not a pet. It is not the same as a dog or a cat. And while losing a pet may be heartbreaking it does not in any way resemble the disaster that is losing a horse.  This is the story of such a loss. This is the story of how Abbey lost Fred whose official name was Canción (Spanish for song). Here is the song of Fred and Abbey.


“I was looking for an advanced horse to learn on. My coach took me to see a horse and the minute I saw him I fell in love. I thought he was…

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What Finding Out My Dog Is Sick Has Taught Me

Being Lydia!

First of all, I apologize for not posting sooner. Life kind of got away from me. I have been down with a cold turned bronchitis and spending time with Violet. Also, this has been a very difficult and emotional piece to write.

Last Saturday we took Violet to the vet. She had a lump in her throat that seemed to be growing, was not eating and had other symptoms that concerned us.

We were quite worried on the half hour drive to the vet. Violet is 13 years old and has several health conditions. We know she won’t live forever, but we also want to make sure she isn’t suffering.

The appointment showed that all of her lymph nodes are swollen and sore. The vet alluded to the fact this is not good and may very well be cancer. He took some samples and on Monday called to say that…

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The famous Hemingway cats are in path of Irma.

Lucky Otters Haven


On November 1 of last year, I wrote this post about the famous six-toed cats who live at the Ernest Hemingway Home in Key West, Florida.

Unfortunately, the house and the cats are in the path of the worst of Irma as it passes over the Keys within the next 24 hours.

Although they have not been evacuated,  the loving staff is staying behind to care for the cats (who number about 50) and the home during Irma.   The home is old and very sturdy, so I think they will be okay.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to all the cats and the staff who are staying behind.

Visiting Key West one day and spending time with the cats (and enjoying the beautiful beaches there) is definitely on my bucket list.

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Biasini Speaks: My human, Ma Leueen, is back!


Hello Dear Humans! Well, if you read my human Ma Leueen’s blog posts you will know  this has been a very hard week. She got sick. She colicked. Now, if you are a human who knows horses you will know that is serious. If you are not familiar with horses, and the dangers of colic, let me enlighten you. We horse were designed to be out grazing and eating 24/7 but that is not how we live now so our digestive systems sometimes act up. We get upset in our intestines and unlike you humans we cannot regurgitate whatever it is that has upset us and sometimes we get gas and then the gas makes our intestines like a balloon.At best it painful and needs veterinary assistance. At worst we have to be cut open and the vets try to fix it.  Sometimes they can’t. Colic is a major cause…

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The Sparkle! The Oh La La!


I went into the arena to speak to Lynsey Rowan. Lynsey  is the assistant trainer for my coach Belinda Trussell. Belinda was riding her horse Tattoo , in trot, down the long side of the arena. Just as I leaned toward Lynsey to say something to her my eyes fixed on Tattoo. Oh. My. God. That trot!
I had seen Tattoo trot before, but over the winter I had not seen him for a couple of months, and in that time his training has moved forward exponentially. The trot had always been good but now it was WOW!
The Trot. This is the gait that can be improved the most in a horse. A horse can have an ordinary trot and with the right training and development the trot can move up to something very eye-catching.
The trot. This is the gait that gets the “oooohs” and the “aaaahhhs”…

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Sing a Song of Horses


Horses  have fired the imagination  in many creative arts. Here are some of my favorite “horse” songs.  First up is the Rolling Stones “Wild Horses”. The song is not about wild horses but uses that image to convey how strongly the singer is attached to the person he loves. Even wild horses could not drag him away. He does not refer to big trucks or tractors  which would be the strongest machines. No he uses the image of wild horses.

Next  Paul Simon  and “One Trick Pony”. He could be singing about a dressage horse ‘dancing’.

This is Elton John “Live like Horses” in a gala, star studded performance that includes Pavarotti . I believe this was a gala for children of war.

For something different here is Bruce Springsteen and the audio of “Pony Boy” from a 1992 concert.

And finally a beautiful song that is entirely about horses…

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Some Royal Textures


The Word Press Photo challenge this week is the word ‘texture“.  I thought a good response would be the textures on view at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

The softness of the hair known as the feathers on the horse’s legs and the hardness of the steel horse shoe.

RWF -8111

The derriere of a Belgian heavy horse.

RWF -8350

The elaborately decorated harness on the Percheron horse.

RWF -8405

The folds of fabric decorating the boxes in the stadium.

RWF -8410

The grooming of the sheep for showing is meticulous.  I can almost feel that soft wool.

RWF -8198

The winners in the wool division.

RWF -8196

A cow takes it easy while waiting for her turn in the show ring.

RWF -8214

To see the other responses to this challenge click here:

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Biasini Speaks: The Dentist Came to See Me.


Hello, Dear Humans, as promised I am going to tell you about the dentist.  I know you humans don’t like dentists. My human, Ma Leueen, says she hates going  to the  dentist.  I have learned that  human’s teeth are different; human’s teeth don’t grow ,they have to last for the whole of the human’s life. That is a loooong time! Ma Leueen has told me that you spend  time every day brushing your teeth and pulling bits of string through the gaps between the teeth and even then sometimes your teeth go bad , you  have to get holes drilled in them, then get those holes filled up and when they can’t be filled up any more the dentists pull the teeth right out of  your heads!  And some people have a lot of their teeth pulled out of their heads and they have to wear fake teeth. These…

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