A Walk in the Woods


We at last have some warmer weather and I decided it was perfect to take Biasini for a  hack in the forest. I think it is good for Biasini’s mental health and for mine to get out of the arena and go for a trail ride once a week if possible.   I did not know if we would be having black flies or not. These are small little terrors that love to give you a nasty bite. So I put on Biasini’s ear protectors and took my trusty fly swoosher. This is like a small stick with 12 inches of black horse tail attached. It is very useful for swooshing away any flies that are bothering Biasini. We set off to the west of the barn and through the pine forest until we came out to the York Regional Forest.  Just before we joined the forest trail I saw a…

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The Park as Good Medicine – Part 7

Being Lydia!

Family Reunion

Every time I think this series is over, something else happens to earn another chapter!

I have talked about Miley, the cute little Mexican rescue dog we adopted last September. She was found by the side of the road in a plastic garbage bag with her 5 siblings by a volunteer from the Puerto Vallarta SPCA shelter. The six were nursed to health and put up for adoption when they were four months. By the time we got Miley, she was about 5 months (by their best calculation).

We found out that three more of the puppies were adopted out in the Vancouver Lower Mainland (where we live). The other two went to Bellingham Washington and Victoria on Vancouver Island.

We have been in touch with one family, who have Miley’s brother Tex since we met in Seattle where we had to pick up the puppies. I had…

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The Best Natural Antidepressant Ever!

Being Lydia!

I saw a meme on Facebook today that made me smile because I understood it completely. It said:

“Do I believe in love at first sight? Absolutely! I fall in love with every dog I meet.”

The featured image is our precious puppy, Miley. She really is the sweetest thing. Those eyes will make you melt every time. She is more than just “a dog”, she is very child-like and brings pure joy to our lives constantly.

However, this past week she has brought us three times more joy as we have connected with three more families who adopted from Miley’s litter of six. We all live in the same metro area and are trying to get the four puppies back together. In chatting with the other “parents” and seeing pictures of their pups it is easy to see that they are all very much the same and yet have their…

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Product Review: Omega Alpha’s Tetda


Biasini came in with several scratches on his right hind leg. It looks like he may have rolled and got his leg stuck under the fence.  He’s sound and there are no deep cuts. When will we be seeing you?”   This was the text I received  on December 27, 2017, the first day of the 2,500 kilometer journey from Ontario to Palm City Florida.  We still had two days of travel to go. I phoned Lindsay, ( Lou Denizard’s assistant )who was looking after Biasini until we arrived. It was not too serious but ….. as a horse owner you always worry.

Two days later I was able to see for myself what Biasini had done. He had a number of  scratches, going in various directions on the inside front of his hock and the outside of his right hind leg.  The hair had been scraped off but the…

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Adventures in Volunteering- PAWS


This gallery contains 7 photos.

Originally posted on WRITE OUTSIDE:
I’m almost half way through my adventures in volunteering. It came as no surprise that my experiences have been both rewarding and fun. What did surprise me was the difficulty I encountered getting scheduled at…

For the love of dogs


At the advice of my bestie and writing mentor, I am posting a chapter of my memoir that recently won honorable mention in a contest. As with many things in life, we rarely take the time to pat our own back or find it in ourselves to be proud of something we’ve done. I know I am one who has always struggled with low self-esteem and when it comes to writing I’m my own worst enemy. But the more I reach out and meet other writers, I learn that writer’s self- loathing is common. We edit, edit, edit, then re-edit again and proclaim our manuscript is rubbish and should never see the light of day.

Well, I’m taking my friend’s advice and posting this. No it didn’t win, but I am happy that it stood out to a few literary judges who read many entries from across the states and…

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Failing Toward Success


I was standing in the Show Office at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival and the show secretary was looking for my Intermediare 1 Adult Amateur division test results. There was a glass jar with with sweets and wrapped chocolates. I picked out a chocolate and had just popped it into my mouth when the secretary  handed me my test sheet and …… a blue ribbon. FIRST PLACE!!  I nearly choked on the chocolate , coughing and spluttering.  “Are you ok?” the show secretary asked. “Yes,” I croaked. “I’m just so surprised to have placed first!”

C.S. Lewis once said “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.”  This past weekend I rode the Inter 1 test on two days.  The first day’s test was a mix of good–not good–good–not good.  So on the second day I knew where I was going to have to…

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