An Awe-Inspiring Chain Reaction

Peace from Panic

It all starts with ONE.

Something incredible happened last week.

Tuesday morning I went to a local high school to present NAMI’s in-school mental health awareness program, “Ending the Silence.” You can read about that presentation here. When I got home that afternoon, my husband asked if I’d heard the big news about NBA All-Star Kevin Love having panic attacks.

I hadn’t, so I googled his name and was amazed at what I found. Kevin, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, wrote a captivating, raw, and honest personal essay for The Players’ Tribune. It’s titled “Everyone Is Going Through Something.” He talked about something he admittedly doesn’t find easy to talk about — his feelings. And the panic symptoms that terrified him.

Kevin said he had a panic attack during a game on Nov. 5, 2017. His heart raced, he couldn’t catch his breath, and everything was spinning. He went to the locker room…

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Life Can Be Like a Quick Turn-Around Flight


DannySometimes life can be like a quick turn-around flight.

On Thursday I flew out to Boston for a meeting with some of my companies executives.  It was an interesting experience for me as our parent company’s CEO was present along with the CEO of one of our subsidiaries.   Then of course their executive team was present also.  The meeting went well, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

This trip was a quick turn-around; fly out on Thursday evening, fly back on Friday afternoon.  If you have ever flown you might understand that these quick turn-around trips are usually more exhausting than week long trips.  I’m not sure why, but for me flying is a stressful experience.  Each airport has its own rules for what they allow in a carry-on.  Where am I going to eat?  What time do I need to arrive at the airport?  My flight is delayed, what do I do for the next 2 hours?  What time does my flight arrive?  Is there a hotel shuttle or do I have to grab an Uber?  On and on and on.

And then as soon as you get settled in your room, it is time to pack up go to a meeting get back to the airport and go through all the mental hurdles again.

It is a whirlwind.

Life can feel like this sometimes.  So much going on that we feel that we are caught in a tornado.  When will the hectic schedule stop?  When will I be able to relax and breath?  When will all the drama end?

Just like at the airport, sometimes it is necessary to find a quiet spot and hide.  I don’t mean run and hide I simply mean to get away for a few moments and get out of the tornado winds.  Seek quiet relief and collect your thoughts.  Gain perspective and try for a moment to see things objectively.

When the winds of life are thrashing we must seek out the solace of our minds in which we can allow, if only for a moment, ourselves to exhale.  After all, fighting the winds only wears you out and eventually might sweep you up.

Find your happy place and take a break.


Anxiety Disorder 101 – Mind Elate

Anxiety disorder is such a common mental illness that 1 in 4 people suffer from it just in the UK alone (Bupa UK). It is important to note that anxiety disorder is a generalised term given to a large spectrum of different disorders that fall under the anxiety category; all of which I will discuss… Read More Anxiety Disorder 101

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Anxiety spiraling into major depression?

Lucky Otters Haven

Last week I wrote about my son’s dissociation episodes and panic attacks.   He got some anti-anxiety medication there, but they put him to sleep so they haven’t been useful to him, and the panic has not gone away.  He’s been able to manage it a little better, using some mindfulness tricks, but has not been able to see a doctor yet (he will tomorrow).  His two trips to the emergency room just told him what he already knew and gave him a few pills for the panic.

Since last Monday, he says he has had 14 panic attacks.  Today he tweeted this:

the last 2 weeks ive been in a very dark place. im constantly afraid, never happy. ive lost all hope and happiness. i feel broken. I’m only able to focus on my faults. making choices triggers panic attacks. im so fucking scared of life itself. help me.

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Mindelate Is 1 of The Top Anxiety Blogs of 2017!! – Mind Elate


I feel honoured and humbled to have been included in the top 26 anxiety blogs to follow by Home Remedies For Life. This post is a shout out to them as a massive thank you! But also a chance to thank all my followers and readers. My content is…

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How To Release Suppressed Emotions

Emotional health is often overlooked. Learn how to release suppressed emotions with tips on how to manage it.

Source: How To Release Suppressed Emotions

Life update

Therapy Bits

I’m having a pretty good afternoon. I’m relaxed and in a good mood.
Its nice to feel calm. It feels good.
Strange, but good. I’m so used to feeling on edge, stressed out etc that I dont know how it feels to just sit and be.
I like this feeling.
My dads getting sick. He has something going on with his chest. He is coughing a lot and he also has stomach issues going on. we are trying to get him to see a doctor but he keeps refusing. i told him he isnt going to get better by doing nothing.
Nitro is doing good. He’s happy. He’s such a cuddle bug. Always looking for pats. He has taken to licking my toes lately to show his affection for me. its pretty cute.
overall life is good this afternoon. I hope your all having a good saturday.

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Beating Depression: Just Smile!

The Bipolar Storyteller!

The Bipolar Storyteller

Hey guys!  I’m back with a new life lesson I’ve learned, one in which I believe is extremely important and an incredibly easy thing to do to help get out of a Dark spell.  That lesson is being pleasant.  All.  The.  Time.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  “Be pleasant all of the time??? Lo, that sounds exhausting.”  That’s what I thought too when I witnessed it for the first time.  However, after trying it for the past week, I can honestly say that being pleasant consumes a ridiculously smaller amount of energy than being rude/indifferent/ in a general bad mood.

The people I have to thank for this valuable lesson are Lindsay and Shay Hayes, owners of Viridian Coffee (FANTASTIC coffee might I add, 10/10 would recommend), one of the places I am currently blessed to be employed.  These two people are two of the most phenomenal people…

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Last night’s anxiety dream.

Meet Lucky Otter’s Haven!

Lucky Otters Haven


I don’t have that many anxiety dreams anymore, but when I do have them they are doozies and tend to be extremely vivid.

The one I had last night bordered on being a nightmare.    It was nighttime (for some reason, in these dreams it’s always late at night) and I was in a vast subway system (like New York City’s) and had no idea where I was.   I was trying to make it home, and kept taking the wrong sets of stairs and getting lost on the wrong platforms.  I’d go and ask people where the platform I should be on was to get home, but no one seemed to be able to answer me.    I was becoming frustrated and upset, and was on the verge of crying.

Then the strangers I asked for directions began to make fun of me — somehow knowing I was originally…

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