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2 children

Bipolar Disorder is not usually diagnosed in children under 6 and even then many doctors are not sure of the child having Bipolar when it could be ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). If your child is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder you might want to get a second opinion with a doctor you trust.

Now I had Bipolar as a child. I would have been around 6 years old although my anxiety started as an infant. I am 59 now and back then they didn’t discuss mental health concerns.

I went through my teens not understanding what was happening to me. The mood swings. The mania where I didn’t sleep for 3 months and then the depression. I had rage issues although they were usually kept inside. I did more banging of things than breaking things like my son whose rage had him breaking things all the time.  It has just…

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The Helpers Don’t Always Help

Meet A Journey With You!

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A Journey With You

I don’t know if it was being the youngest and only girl in a family of boys and men, or if it was growing up poor in a small town in Eastern Washington, or if it was spending my high school years seeing and living with the truly poor of Egypt, or if it was the liberal arts school I attended, any, or all, of those things could have instilled in me a desire for social justice, equality, compassion and empathy. It may have been all those things combined along with many experiences I had with people being outsiders, bullied, and discriminated against. Whatever the reasons were, I became a social worker after college and I like most social workers, I had a true desire to help people.

After several years as a social worker, I developed what those of us in my office called, “social worker humor and sensibilities.”…

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Finding a mentor and taking advantage of the opportunity…

Finance Favor

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There’s A Poster On The Wall

Mentors cannot see the future, but they usually have perspective enough to see your potential and help guide you to discovery.

Becoming is Superior to Being

Klee Poster (1 of 1) enhanced blog“Becoming is Superior to Being” — Paul Klee (An early 1970’s gift from Larry J. Bailey)

There’s a poster on the wall,
been there for many years.

A gift from a mentor and friend
that expressed better than I

who I was and who I was to become.
Five words of existential thought

always there providing direction
and guidance to envision the

future by not relinquishing the
task to a professional elite.

— kenne

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4 Valuable Tips on Finding a Mentor

IMG_7064My 6:00am est post will talk about the benefits of having a mentor in your life.  Having someone to bounce around ideas, ask advice or simply glean knowledge will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

The Dream Big Volunteer Project

I am working on a brand new addition to the Dream Big community called The Dream Big Volunteer Project. I am compiling an easy resource guide for people in all cities to get connected with lesser known charities.  My recent work with the Hoskins Park Ministry has opened my eyes to a need that is going unfilled: connecting volunteers with charities that don’t have million dollar budgets.

My goal is to have multiple charities listed for every major city in the U.S.  So, if you know of a small charity in your city please email me and give me their contact information.  I would like to develop a vast network of charities from city to city!

As we have progressed technologically I believe humanity has taken a giant leap backward as it relates to volunteering and being philanthropic.  My hopes are to help connect charities with people that want to help, but aren’t sure where to start.

It is time for all of us to jump in and help.  Stop waiting on someone else to do the work that you should be doing yourself.  We have an obligation as human beings to help others and god knows there are plenty of people in need.  It is time to get out of your world and stare people in the eyes and tell them through your actions that you care.

Do not delay any longer.

Getting Involved with Habitat for Humanity

Volunteering not only changes the lives of those in need, it will change your life as well!

the canadian camino

I absolutely love working with Habitat for Humanity. I’ve made amazing friends from my host country, learned how to push myself through fear and doubt, work as part of a team, and broadened my horizons in terms of how I see the world. There are a lot of problems in our world that can be understood better when it comes from the source, and working alongside locals gives you an unparalleled experience. A build can push you physically, but the friendship and camaraderie that goes hand in hand with the build makes it worth it.

A Typical Habitat Day
Builds usually run for a week, but sometimes it’s up to two depending on the country and the structure. The first night is a get-to-know-you/travel from airport type of day, and the schedule is usually something like this:
Day 1-4: Breakfast at hotel. Travel to build site for 8:30am. Work until…

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Gratitude & Healing

A thank you from Corinneonline to to her husband’s guardian angels.

Heart Reflections

I wrote this very short poem as a dedication to those Guardian angels, specifically to one, who watched over my husband and kept him safe the other day after his accident. I was told by a very special person who they were and what they did. I had expected and was not surprised to learn of the one, but when told the other, I honestly was not too pleased to learn of.  As difficult as it will be for me, I know deep in my heart I have to learn to accept that she was a blessing, and is still a blessing as she continues to watch over him.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy . . .

Not just one, but two

Guardian angels

My gratitude to you

I know who you are

Always watching over him

From near and afar

I did my share of cleansing

Allowing pure…

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