Make the choice

Don’t be misled, your attitude is your decision! YOU decide to be negative or YOU decide to be positive. It is 100% a choice! We could all learn from Planting Positivity!!

Planting Positivity

Working in a service industry (photography) can sometimes make it easy for me to complain.

I recently had a client claim they were thrilled with the photos I sent to them, only to turn around and nit-pick one image, asking for me to provide them with a different shot, and to edit a whole slew of things on it that I hadn’t seen as an issue visually.

I immediately felt a flush of heat to my face when I got the email from my client… I was angry for about five minutes, and then I realized that my main goal as a photographer is to make my clients happy through the images I can provide them with. I had a decision to make: tell the client, “Sorry, that’s the image I chose to edit and per your contract that’s all you get.” Or, go ahead and put two hours of…

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Becoming a More Positive Person

Reflect and Refresh gives some great insight and tips to changing your mindset to be more positive. The last sentence deals with something I have said before: volunteering will change your mindset.

Reflect & Refresh

Happy young man looking up to the sky holding both hands in the

Sometimes life will serve us all with conditions that may seem impossible to think positively about, but this is almost rarely the case.

I know this because within three months of each other, both of my childhood dogs and my music teacher, who was also a close family friend, passed away.

However, in the midst of school resuming, I had no time to devote to truly getting over these things, and depression and anxiety soon dominated my life.

I began to see a therapist because I knew I wasn’t feeling up to par, and she’s taught me how to change my negative thought patterns and to put things into perspective.

We could all stand to be more positive, so here are some tips for doing just that the next time you start to see a little too much of Holden Caulfield in yourself.

#1. Observe.

The first step in becoming a more…

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Shiny People and Relentless Positivity

This is the most interesting post I’ve read on WordPress as it relates to having a positive attitude. You will want to read about “shiny people!!”

Chasing Pesto


In my last post “Road Warriors and The Big Easy”, I briefly mentioned the many instances of shiny people we met on our way through the beautiful and warm city of Nawlin’s.

I feel the overwhelming need to further describe the birth and concept of shiny people in general…so I’ll try to make this as concise and deep as possible, while avoiding writing a novel (One, in which I am actually simultaneously writing at the moment). A taste if you will.

But first and foremost I must admit, I didn’t coin the term shiny people – I have only passively absorbed it from my dear friend Minnesota Nick, who happens to be one of the shiniest people I’ve met, and who I assume, given the nature of life, also picked it up from some another shiny person.

So who are these shiny people?

Shiny people grace your…

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This is a new blogger I am following and this post is a homerun!!!! The list exercise at the end is one I have never used but it makes so much sense and helps to train the mind to be more positive. I loved this post!

healthy. hapa. chick.

My boss always talks about the concept of mindset and how in everything you do in life, your mindset about it will affect the outcome. He surrounds all of his employees with positive affirmations and promotes the idea of a can-do attitude. We sometimes laugh (even cringe) at the different things that come up on our daily calendars but as I’ve started to get into coaching and really think about my own life and my own weight loss journey, I am starting to really believe that mindset is EVERYTHING.

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My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 189 … Singing in the Rain!

Having a positive attitude does have a direct impact on your life. “We may be losing control of our body, but we are in charge of our attitude!” What an amazing example Fred Phillips is setting for the world to see!!


singing in the rainSinging in the rain! A great movie, a great song and a great metaphor! No matter how dark the clouds, no matter how much rain falls, we can still sing!

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How to create a positive attitude

I couldn’t help but share one more blog post I found tonight on being positive. I hope everyone enjoys and has a safe evening or morning depending on what part of the world you live!

Lentils and Lipstick


We all know that when our attitude and mindset is positive we are way more likely to be happy and succeed. Being positive is an amazing tool in helping us create the life we want to, and reach the dreams we are chasing. But sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. Life can throw all kinds of curve balls at us and lots of things can lead to us thinking in a negative way. With this in mind I’ve put together my top tips for creating and keeping a positive attitude when things get us down or we are having a tough time.

Look for the positive in every situation

Learning to find the positive in a negative situation can often be tricky and sometimes we think there is nothing positive at all in what we are going through, but trust me, there is something positive in EVERYTHING. You just need to…

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It’s All About Attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way in life!!

Muddling Through My Middle Age

IMG_0055Last Friday night, my husband and I took some very good friends to the local “Balloon Glow,” which is an event held the night before the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. Everyone gathers in the park to watch the giant hot-air balloons being blown up, and after it gets dark, the balloons light up randomly, a few seconds at a time.  Every so often, a loud whistle blows as a signal that all the balloons are going to be lit up at the same time.  It’s an incredibly beautiful sight.

My husband and I have been to this event several times, but this was the first year that this couple joined us, and they were very excited to see the balloons all lit up.  They brought their camera, and we came early to beat the crowds and make sure we didn’t miss anything.  We even paid extra to attend a…

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Life lessons in tea

This is a great reminder to be grateful and gratitude goes a long way to developing a positive attitude!

PDA: The Positive Disabled Adult

“An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities”

With cooler weather approaching, there is something so comforting about a nice cup of tea to unwind from the day.  Maybe it’s just my opinion, but a cup of tea warms the heart and soul. Lately though, I’ve been drinking this brand that my sister-in-law introduced to me with cute, inspirational quotes on the bag. So not only is it a pick-me-up after a long day but the tea inspires positive thoughts and challenges your thinking.

Last week, as I saw this quote, it seemed like a great blog idea but I couldn’t put the right words together in my mind. As I wrote in my earlier post, someone very important to me passed away after battling cancer for years and as you can imagine, I’m struggling to move forward. Last week, I was so awful to be around. I was depressed and incredibly negative towards myself and to…

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Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude

It is important to instill in children an attitude of gratitude. We all need to practice being more appreciative and thankful!


Over the summer, I spent a lot of time with our girls. A lot of time. With school out, we were constantly together. During all that togetherness, I began to detect more than a hint of “entitlement” and “spoiled” vibes coming from my two oldest children (one in particular). If there is one thing I am very set on in my parenting goals, it’s that my children NOT feel entitled to anything above basic human rights and respect. i.e. NOT material items. I feel like one of the best ways to discourage a feeling of entitlement is to encourage feelings of gratitude. Simply being thankful for what we have. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. All that jazz.

I’ve made a few changes to my parenting style to help support this goal of raising non-greedy-brats. First, I started to occasionally mention the “have-nots” in the…

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I Think I Can, I Think I Can

“Can’t never could.” Learn to develop an attitude of “I can” instead of shrinking from fear.

Bring My Dreams

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

-Michael Jordan

success (1)There is a word that annoys me like no other. It gets tossed about so often that most people no longer realize what they are saying or better yet doing when they apply it. The word is “can’t”. The dictionary defines this as “an inability to”, but my definition is “a fear of trying”.

Beyond the obvious negative implications of can’t, it holds power far greater than most people realize. When someone says they can’t do something, they are either speaking from a place of never having tried or a place of failure. Either way, they are selling themselves on the termination of an idea or action. In some cases, ending something that is ultimately not important seems innocent enough but the danger is in allowing it to become a habit and ultimately a controlling force…

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